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How To Implement ID Badging Using Cloud Based IDaaS

If you are responsible for securing identification badges for your company, you know what a headache that can be, especially if your company is large and has multiple locations. Employees are always starting and leaving, not to mention the need for creating temporary badges for visitors. Make creation of identity badges easier with a badge management system. This web-based software leverages the power of mobile devices along with the Cloud to create secure ID badges.

Cloud Based Identity Management Makes Easy Work of Creating ID Badges

Cloud based identity management is the wave of the future. With a hosted ID card software, you can easily enter data, capture photos and manage printing of ID badges, all on one easy-to-use platform. Through this platform, you can manage a system where badges can be published on the holder’s own device on a published URL for security and convenience.

Why Switching to Cloud Based IDaaS Will Simplify Your Life

You need a complete ID badge enrollment and management system. Because the system is cloud-based, you don’t have to install software or keep updating it every time a new version is released. The system makes it easy for you to enter data. Do it manually, import it from another source, or automate it through a cloud tech based platform.

Importing photos in this cloud badging system is easy too. Choose from four methods, including manual upload from saved files, live capture or two solutions on the platform. You can upload from the system’s credential database or with a photo email request and capture tool. Best of all, this system is completely controlled and managed by you and no one else.

Design Your Own Badges

Another great feature is that you can design badges to fit the needs of your company. The possibilities are virtually endless, meaning your badges will not only have the information that is essential to your operation, they will also look unique. Customization allows you to control elements such as:

  • Compound fields
  • Fonts and colors
  • Watermarks, thumbnails and more for every photo
  • Image control to place logos and graphics
  • Color matching and coding
  • Barcodes

Compatible With Mobile Devices

A cloud based IDaaS allows your company to move into the 21st century with mobile photo identification and vetting. No longer do new hires or visitors have to wait to have their ID badges printed. Once you have created a badge, you can issue it immediately and send it to a smartphone or other mobile device before the badge is even printed. Simply send a hyperlink to the person for whom the badge was created to allow that immediate usage. Cloud badging even allows you to instantly deactivate the ID badge as soon as the individual leaves your company for another position or when visitors have left your premises.

The system even eliminates the need for physical badges if you so desire as it carries a special barcode that lets anyone scanning it to determine whether or not the identification is valid through a special scanning device.

Management of Multiple Company Sites

One of the biggest headaches in producing identity badges is managing remote employees or workers outside of the main headquarters, especially if that location is in another city or even across the country. The cloud based identity management system available from eXpress Badging gives you control over the information you need while also making it easier for those who need badges to send the required elements to you. Not only does the system feature allow you to send virtual IDs, it works in the opposite manner too. The user who needs a badge can upload or take a new photo through a one-time use hyperlink. Once you get that photo, you can do photo editing to crop and adjust it and verify the required information. Best of all, you can customize this template to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Mobile tracking not only allows for verification of virtual ID badges, it’s set to become more powerful in the near future. Once additional features become available, you’ll also get a number of other time and attendance applications that can be used at all kinds of remote locations.

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