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Useful Identity Theft Protection Practices To Ensure Your Online Security

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Identity theft is a growing threat in today’s society. Technology provides hackers with easy access to all of your family’s information, and once they have it you could be the victim of identity theft or worse. Even a simple webcam test can grant hackers access to your most private personal information. To protect you and your family there are several measures you can take one your computer right now. Follow the tips below to increase your identity theft protection and fend off unwanted invaders.

Consider Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection services, like LifeLock and similar, are an excellent way to ensure the safety of your identity. These companies, like IDWatchdog or Clearswift, are one of the most effective ways to guarantee that your identity security practices are up-to-date and effective. Threats are constantly evolving and adapting to security standards. However, these identity theft protection programs are also ever adapting and improving to prepare against new threats. That is why downloading an identity theft protection software can help to ensure your security. If you can afford it, keep this in mind.

Use Two Factor Authentication

The first, and easiest, thing that you can do to protect your family’s information is to utilize two-factor authentication on all of your website accounts. Even for website with simple HTML TM code, it can help your security. Whether it is for an online retail store, social media profile or online banking account, be sure to set up multiple barriers between hackers and your information. Most websites will allow you to confirm information with your phone or through security questions. Choose what is right for you, and make sure your family does the same to protect their personal accounts.

Limit Social Network Sharing

The next thing that you can do to ensure identity theft protection online is limit the information you put out on social media. Everyone wants to tell their friends what they are up to, but over-sharing can be your downfall. Be sure to speak to your children about online privacy when sharing Adobe Spark videos or uploading anything online. Do not share your email address, home phone number, job or school location. Keeping this information to yourself will help save you from anyone who may find a way to use that information maliciously.

Use Purchase Protection Services

Shopping online is a beloved pastime for busy moms or dads who simply cannot get to the mall on time. However, giving your credit card information to multiple sources puts you at a greater risk for identity theft, and VirusTotal software is only a reactive solution. Instead of adding your payment information to various online retailers, try using a purchase protection service like PayPal to transfer the money from your account. This way, you can take advantage of online sales without the risk.

Browse In Privacy Mode

If you want another easy way to prevent identity theft, consider using your preferred browser’s privacy mode when you are surfing the internet. Some addons like Noscript are susceptible to attacks. Privacy mode is a useful tool that allows users to visit websites without logging any information. This prevents cookies and other personal info from being saved so that your are less likely to be the target of a cyber attack.

Download Antivirus Software

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to prevent identity theft in your home is to download antivirus software. These types of programs are made to protect your family computer from hackers, malicious software and more. Without it, anyone could break into your device. A proper firewall and antivirus program like Linkscanner software will do wonders for your at-home cyber security. Be sure to find the best one for your budget and technology needs. That way, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family’s information is protected.

Identity theft is one of the leading risks for families online. To avoid having your information stolen, be sure to follow these precautions above. By setting up two-factor authentication for your passwords and utilizing payment protection services, you can ensure identity theft protection for your family.

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