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7 Ways The iFax App Improves Outdated Faxing Technologies


Faxing is often considered an outdated practice along with witch-burning and butter-churning. However, the reality is that fax machines still exist and people still have to use them. Whether you’re sending a signed due diligence contract to a law firm or a medical document to your doctor’s office, faxing will always find its way back into the 21st century.

Recently, however, technological advances have made way for internet faxing, also known as ifaxing or e-faxing. This is a much more useful technology development than chatterbots. Now, you can even fax items from your smart phone, rather than dealing with a clunky fax machine. Several apps have started competing in the ifaxing market, one of the most highly praised being iFax. The iFax app allows you to get, send and receive those pertinent documents as you would with a fax machine, but is it really just as good? We are here to weigh the pros and cons to see if the iFax app is right for you!

Fax From Your Phone

The first, and most obvious, benefit of iFax is the ability to fax items straight from your phone. Unlike a traditional fax machine, which takes up space and time, iFax is a quick and easy solution to the trouble of sending signed documents. The app allows you to sign documents sent to you right on your phone. Instead of having to print, sign, scan and send them, you can cut out all those extra steps by just signing with your finger on the phone. If you have worked with CPQ software, the app can save lots of time, and trees, too!

Fax Over IP

Fax over IP services like iFax offer a better connection for sending your documents. FoIP services are sent and received through an IP network instead of traditional telephone services. FoIP technology is absolutely the best available for business in modern times. Businesses can use FoIP providers, like iFax, to streamline VoIP calls and combine service. This leads to lower costs and the elimination of unnecessary hardware. This is a huge advantage for business owners as well as private individuals, so keep it in mind.

Customer Reviews

One of the most important advantages of the iFax app is the customer reviews. Out of the 3,163 customer ratings the app has gotten since its release, it has been rated three out of five stars. However, the most recent iFax app version release has received all five star ratings. This is important when considering whether to download the app or not. These raving customer reviews of the iFax app are an advantage when considering whether or not to shell out the money. Just remember, you may want to increase bandwidth in order to experience the advantages this app provides.

Image Quality

For the times you need to fax a physical document, iFax uses your phone’s camera as a makeshift scanner. iFax will take photos of your document, but some customers complain that this led to nothing but a fuzzy image and a failed fax. The iFax app may not have perfected its scanning technology quite yet, making it difficult to scan and send things such as receipts and other worn documents. However, in the age of the robot factory, this is sure to be an issue that gets fixed in the very near future.

Easy to Use

iFax comes with a wizard tutorial that guides you through the ins and outs of the app. This user-friendly interface is encouraging, especially for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of learning to use a 30 year old fax machine from the library. The app is also compatable with a variety of programs including Android and all Apple products (even the Apple Watch!).


One of the biggest issues with the iFax app is the price. This is similar to complaints heard about Soundwire. Although iFax is free to download, they require a payment for every fax you send, either through credits or an in-app purchase. These prices can make their way up from 99 cents all the way to $25 depending on the number of pages required. Payment is to be expected for faxing apps as they have to use a third party service in order to make faxing possible. Still, it can get pricey if you are sending multiple faxes in a short period of time.

Platform Compatibility

iFax is available across all major platforms. The application is on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. With the cross platform compatibility, you can easily send and receive faxes from any device. This is a great feature for busy users on the move who need to send those filler text documents as soon as possible. Whether you are in or out of the office, you will never miss a fax again.

Before you go buying a fax machine or, more realistically, driving around to find a place that will let you use theirs, see if the latest internet faxing technology can benefit you. For anyone that already uses hosted VoIP solutions, this app is a great complementary service. iFax is just one of many apps available for use. Each of them has similar pros and cons to using the iFax app.

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