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Windows Live Changes: Workarounds To Gain Access To Microsoft Email


Tech users, you will no longer be able to use your Windows Live mail come June 2016. If you currently use a Microsoft email address, you will need a new email application. If you do not make the switch, you may face losing your email entirely. In this post, technology users can discover five important pieces of information involving Windows Live before its retirement this summer.

Who Is Being Affected?

If you use a Microsoft email address and use Live Mail 2012, this post is vital for you. If your email ends with,,, or, you will be effected. If you use a different email application, you will not be affected. However, those using Live Mail 2012 must upgrade their email application or get a new email address altogether. This is extremely important for all technology users with Microsoft accounts, but still not as bad as T-Mobile throttling when it comes to technology annoyances.

Windows Live Essentials Is Obsolete

Windows Live Mail was created as a part of the Essentials bundle. The Essentials bundle included, programs such as Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer and OneDrive. However, most of those programs are now obsolete. Windows Live Mail is not typically considered a favored email program. However, it still has 3.5 million users. That means that 3.5 million people will be facing the effects of this change. Windows Live Essentials’ lack of popularity is one of the reasons for the impending retirement. But do not worry, you do not need to worry about getting drive savers just yet.

Windows 10

Windows Live Essentials is not the only reason for Microsoft’s significant change. The company is using the retirement of Windows Live Mail to push users to upgrade to Windows 10. Fortunately, the Mail app on Windows 10 is compatible with the email addresses used on Windows Live. If you do not have Windows 10, the same Mail app on Windows 8 or 8.1 will do. Technology users would be interested to know that Live Mail 2012 is disappearing. Microsoft’s new Mail app is now being pushed as its replacement.

There Is An Update Available

In case you were worried, there is an update that will allow you to keep receiving emails on your Windows Live Mail 2012 program. You can look for the Windows 2012 update on the Windows website and click download to avoid having to use a new email program. However, there is also another method to access your email. Keep reading.

You Can Use A Different Browser

For those still using Windows 7, you do not have to upgrade. Despite Microsoft’s efforts, you can still access your email on Windows 7. After some Googling, it is clear that all you must do is go on on a Web browser. However, remember that using a browser does have some limitations compared to the updated Mail app. If you want to take the browser route, you will not lose any email data. It is important for users to understand that you do not need to upgrade Windows.

Free One-Year Subscription

Users of Live Mail 2012 are being offered a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal. This subscription will include the Mail app. In addition it comes with an added bonus. Office 365 Personal includes the latest versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This means that effected Microsoft users are given a one-year grace period before they have to upgrade. The free one-year subscription is a noteworthy fact for Microsoft users to know.

Transferring Files

Once you have decided where to create your new email address account, you may not be entirely in the clear yet. What about those emails that you do not want to disappear forever? If you have sentimental emails or business emails that you simply cannot imagine parting with, you are going to need to import those emails to your new account. Do not go running off to see the Geek Squad just yet. There are many ways that allow you to do this yourself. Microsoft offers clear import email instructions on their website. If you have emails that you cannot bear to lose to the Windows Live Mail changes, make sure to import them to your new email account.

Users on Windows Live are facing big changes this summer, just like those who loved the iPhone champagne color did. You will no longer be able to use your Live Mail 2012 program. In this post, key pieces of information Microsoft users should know were discussed. You will be affected if you have a Microsoft email address and use Live Mail 2012. This change is occurring because Windows Live Essentials is not widely used. Instead, Microsoft will now push Windows 10 as the replacement option for users. You can still access your mail on a web browser. However, you will be offered a free Office 365 Personal subscription when doing so. By reading this post, technology users with Microsoft accounts are more informed to make decisions regarding their replacement options.

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