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Cool Car Gadgets To Take On The Road For A Much More Enjoyable Ride


Travel has come a long way in the past ten years. As fast as they came, GPS gadgets were thrown out the car window in favor of the more multipurpose smartphone. However, there are some things that these cool car gadgets can do that your smartphone cannot. Unfortunately, smart TVs are not available for cars yet. But if you are looking for some cool car gadgets to take on the road with you, look no further than these top five must-haves for drivers.

Bluetooth Car Finder

The Bluetooth car finder is a necessity for anyone who has been lost in a parking garage. Instead of that nightmare, plug a MindMobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth car charger in for peace of mind. This device connects to your phone so that you can track and locate your vehicle with ease. This gadget also doubles as a USB outlet in addition to alerting you if you are in the car without your cell phone. With this cool little car gadget, you can enjoy your trip without wandering around aimlessly in search of your car or phone.

The Handpresso

If gas station coffee is just not your thing, you may need to find other ways to stay awake on the road, and a repetitious Nokia cell phone alarm is not practical. The Handpresso portable espresso maker line is designed specifically for your car. Their luxurious espresso sets contain everything you need to brew better espresso on the road. The Handpresso car accessory comes with a carrying case, as well as a reusable bag to store your favorite brand of coffee. The carrying case can be used as a tray when opened, where you can store the two tiny glasses it comes with. If you are a caffeine fiend, treat yourself to a Handpresso and enjoy freshly brewed coffee on the go.

A Dashcam

Dashcams have become more well-known since they became required for all police officers. However, these gadgets are also very useful for the average private citizen, like yourself. A dashcam, like the Z-Edge dashcam, can help you in the event of an accident or car crash. The dashcam footage can help you to prove responsibility for the accident. In addition, you can also just use the mini camera to record a beautiful scenic drive. If you are a bit of a worry wart, or just a bad driver, consider getting a dashcam.

Portable Stove

Why stop at just a Handpresso? With the RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, you can heat up food on-the-go. The stove heats up to a scorching 300 degrees using the old lighter port you already have in your car! No need to buy an additional unique USB. If you are constantly on-the-go and are sick of always having to settle for the nearest fast food chain, the RoadPro Stove can certainly help break up the meal monotony. The portable stove by Road Pro is one of the coolest car gadgets we have ever seen.

Rear View Cameras

One of the main goals of a road trip should be to get everyone safely to their destination, not for the ability to enjoy watching TV while you drive. Rear view cameras are one cool car gadget that can help you do just that. If your car did not come with a built in camera system, go for the after market option. Plenty of stores sell cameras and monitors that can be set up to give you a full view of the road. Some can even connect to your smart phone. If you want to be safe, a rear view camera can help you do just that.


Automatic is one of those car gadgets that will immensely improve your every day life. Automatic is a smart driving assistant that keeps track of your car’s health. Once it is plugged in, Automatic tracks fuel usage for you. Think of it like a Fitbit for your car. It can also call for help in a crash and even diagnose problems with your engine. If you are looking for a car gadget that will give you peace of mind, Automatic is definitely it.

Car accessories are fun, but they can also be super useful. Whether you treat yourself to a Handpresso or purchase the sensible Automatic driving assistant for your every day life, one of these gadgets for cars will surely make your trip a success.

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