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How To Download Mythbuntu Distro For Myth TV Network Access


Mythbuntu is a media center operating system based on Ubuntu, a Linux operating system. Mythbuntu is most popular for its integration of the Myth TV network, which is much more entertaining than radio broadcasting. The Myth TV network is a free and open sourced home entertainment application. It can be used to play, pause and rewind live TV shows, play video games and listen to music, among other things. Everyone wants a little more entertainment in their lives! If you are interested in learning how to install Mythbuntu on your computer, keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Go To The Website

The first step to installing the Mythbuntu operating system, not to be confused with the Biotech operating system, is to visit their website. Go to to begin your installation. Familiarize yourself with the website. If you are interested, you can read up about what Mythbuntu and Myth TV do and how they work. You may also want to take this time to read their FAQ or browse their forum to see what others have to say about the operating system. Getting to know the Mythbuntu website is an important first step to properly installing the Mythbuntu operating system.

Step 2: Check Distribution Date

Now that you are on the website, you are going to need to check what Mythbuntu distribution release you are about to download. Make sure that you are downloading the latest Mythbuntu distribution. After all, you would not buy microchips that were out of date. Right now, the latest version is Mythbuntu 16.04. However, that may change by the time you read this article. Be sure you are downloading the latest distribution release from Mythbuntu’s website.

Step 3: Check System Requirements

Your next task is to check on the system requirements for Mythbuntu. These requirements are listed under their “Get Help” page. Read their system requirements as carefully as you would park your 1970 Plymouth. If your computer is not compatible with Mythbuntu, you will not want to install it and risk damaging your device. Luckily, you can choose between two sets of system requirements: SD and HD. For a higher quality display you will need more RAM, a 2+ core processor and a high powered graphics card. Once you are certain that you have everything you need, you can begin the installation process.

Step 4: Download And Install

The next step to installing Mythbuntu onto your computer is to being downloading the latest version. It will be available on Mythbuntu’s “Downloads” page. Since this is your first time installing Mythbuntu, you will want to click “New Mythbuntu Install” which will take you to a page of links for download. Click the link that is compatible with your laptop or computer system. A download page will pop up and prompt you to save the file. Do this and continue to follow the installation instructions. More detail can be found on Mythbuntu’s “MythTV Quick Start Guide.” Use this to help you make the right choices during the installation process.

Step 5: Create An Account

The next step is to create an account. Mythbuntu will ask you to enter a name, username and password, similar to every other program like Install Watch pro. During this process you can also choose whether or not to log into Mythbuntu automatically. If you do not choose this option, you will be required to enter your password every time you wish to use the system. If you share your computer or laptop, this may be a good choice. If you do not however, you may simply want to log in automatically. This is all up to you. Once you make your decision, you will almost be done with the Mythbuntu installation process!

Step 6: Complete Installation And Configure

After you create your account, you will be prompted to complete a few more installation requirements. Here, you will select the type of file system Mythbuntu will be on your computer. Additionally, you will have the option to select any additional services that you want installed. Finally, you can complete the installation process and begin configuring the system to your needs. Once you have configured the Mythbuntu system, you can begin to enjoy all of the entertainment MythTV has to offer!

Recent Mythbuntu Version

If you are going to download Mythbuntu for media monitoring, be sure that you have the right version of the software. The most recent release of Mythbuntu is Mythbuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus. This update was released in April of 2016, so it may be another couple months before we see another version released. Use Mythbuntu Xenial Xerus with MythTV .28 for best results. It is important to be certain that you are downloading the latest software version to ensure proper performance.

Bad News For Mythbuntu Users

Unfortunately, Mythbuntu as a separate distribution is now a thing of the past. The digital business just became too much for the two developers to manage.  MythTV packages and Mythbuntu PPA, however, will continue to be available and updated at the same existing rate. The program developers encourage users who want to use MythTV to download a slim distro, like Xubuntu, and add the Mythbunutu Repos. Then, you can install and configure MythTV. Thankfully, although Mythbuntu will no longer be available, MythTV is still available to lovers of the program.

Downloading Mythbuntu onto your computer should be a simple process. As long as you have the proper system requirements, installation of the open source distro should be no problem! Be sure to follow all of the installation guidelines. It may take some time. However, once your download is complete, you can enjoy the Mythbuntu operating system and the Myth TV entertainment that comes along with it.

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