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What Are Instant Articles Facebook Ads Used For?

To get started, many companies are wondering, what are Instant Articles Facebook ads used for? Facebook Instant Articles started in 2015 to meet the growing needs of online publishers and news companies. This feature allows users to read an article through Facebook while maintaining the character and design of the publisher. In fact, over 35,000 online webpages use Instant Articles today. As a content developer, you should learn how Instant Articles Facebook ads work with your website. Read on to learn what instant Articles Facebook ads are used for.

Host Content On Facebook

First off, Instant Article ads can be used to host content on Facebook. Facebook allows online publishers to host their content on their dedicated servers. This practice lowers wait times for loaded content. In addition, Instant Article’s offers more interactivity for their audience with additional features, similar to Facebook’s new ad format. Also, you can let users tap and expand media from a site compression view into a full screen perspective. Or, if users wish to see the image’s peripherals, they can rotate their device. Moreover, your viewers can use auto play options to view your ad the second it pops up. For sure, Instant Article ads are great for hosting content on Facebook.

Display More Content With Navigation

Instant Articles Facebook ads are also a great solution and location to display more content. With the “circulation and navigation” feature, subscribers can easily view, discover, and engage with more of your content. You can also add attractive buttons that link to other articles, advertisement and written content.  Or, create a call to action content like forms and pop-ups, which can be natively integrated into the platform. You can also give viewers the option to share posts and other content types via Messenger. Moreover, you can leverage the IA builder to conveniently integrate marketing copy into an accessible, self-service management platform.Of course, Instant Articles Facebook ads can be used for content display with navigation.

Track Real Time Insights

In addition, Instant Articles Facebook ads is a prime location to track real time insights. Like great Instagram ads, you can integrate third-party tracking tools to access new content and optimization insights. With these insights, you can monitor and track your content’s quality in real time. After review, you’ll be able to make strategic edits or changes for traffic and engagement optimization. When embedding personalized ads and widgets, use external solutions to gather core performance insights. This way, you can maximize traffic and supercharge your user experience. In short, Instant Articles Facebook ads is the ultimate solution for real-time insights tracking.

Monetize Articles On Facebook

Additionally, Instant Articles Facebook ads are used to monetize content. Facebook allows users to monetize ads through their network, or by selling them yourself. If you use Facebook’s Audience Network, they’ll take 30% of your earnings. In exchange, they’ll help your page convert better and handle all the software challenges. On the other hand, you can sell your own ads to keep 100% of your profit. Keep in mind that Facebook sets limitations on how many original ads you can include. No matter which process you choose, your ads cannot surpass more than 15% of your digital content. Certainly, Instant Articles on Facebook is the place to monetize your ads.

Customizable Setup And Design

Furthermore, Instant Articles Facebook ads are used to customize your setup and design. Use the built-in design features to offer more engaging ad experience for your users. Implement ad layout formats to customize the position of your advertisements. Create custom visuals to reflect the look and feel of your brand. Plus, you can design, assign and test multiple ad styles within your content. Edit ads with built-in design elements like fonts, colors and layouts. More so, Instant Articles on Facebook can add dynamic and responsive modifications to any media in your advertisements. Definitely, you can customize the digital display of your instant articles Facebook ads.

Many companies are wondering what are Instant Articles Facebook ads used for? First, they’re used to host your content on Facebook from your dedicated servers. Second, they’re a great location to display more content with unique features and integrations. Next, you can use these articles to track real-time insights and make quick edits. Then, you can also monetize your ads with Facebook’s Audience Network or by buying your own. Furthermore, they’re used to customize your set up and design with the built-in options. These are what Instant Articles Facebook ads are used for.

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