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Cool Integer Computers Products To Protect Your Laptop In Style


Integer Computers is an online shop that provides clients with customized images for their computers. This is one of many businesses that offers to help revamp technology with computer skins using hdr images. If you are bored of your plain old black laptop or computer, you may want to consider getting a computer design of your own. Below are some businesses, like Integer Computers, that can provide your technology with the cute designs and extra protection you desire.

Skin It

Skin It is one of the most popular tech design services on the market. Their custom skins are available for every phone, tablet and laptop you could imagine. Unlike Integer Computers and New Egg, Skin It focuses solely on design for their products. These skins will not offer much in the way of protection. However, there are hundreds of awesome designs to choose from. If you just want to make your laptop shine with a little extra sparkle, Skin It is the place for you. You can even rep your favorite superhero, sports team or cartoon with one of their many designs. Check out Skin It if you are looking to decorate your technology in a unique way, including any good smartphone that you want to protect too.

Mighty Skins

Mighty Skins is another great website to personalize your laptop. The site allows you to create your own laptop skins. Or, you can shop through their laptop skins designs. Just like landing page design matters, so too does your laptop design. The site also sells laptop cases too, to help you keep your device safe. No matter what computer you have, the Mighty Skins company has something for you. They offer services for Alienware, Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Razer. If you do not have any of those devices, they also sell universal laptop skins to shop through. If you want a laptop skin that fits any device, consider shopping at the Mighty Skins website.

New Egg

Unlike Skin It, New Egg focuses more on functionality than fashion for Macbook accessories. New Egg produces top-level cases to protect your electronics. From game consoles to computers and cell phones, you will find the case you need at New Egg. Their computer cases even come with cooling systems to keep your device from overheating. Unlike Integer computers, which has a limited range of cases, New Egg has cases for every size and purpose you could imagine. However, there is one drawback. New Egg cases are not the prettiest. If you want something that will protect your electronics and look cute at the same time, you may want to look into Integer Computers instead. If you only care about how well-protected your device will be, then New Egg cases are worth the splurge, starting at $40.

Integer Computers

Integer Computers is the marriage of design and protection. With Integer Computers you can choose an image to have it printed on the side of an aluminum case. This case can then be put around your regular computer to keep it safe and make it stylish at the same time. Unfortunately however, Integer Computer’s custom cases come at a high cost. However, they do not utilize the annoying sales tools used by other competition. The standard Integer Computer cases are originally priced at $89, which does not cover any customizable designs you may want added. When it does come to the designs, Integer pulls off quite the feat by making their heavy-duty aluminum cases look stylish with a variety of designs. Images on their cases are customizable. So you can add a picture of anything you want on the side. Whether it is a family photo, a tropical sunset or a favorite painting, Integer can turn it into a computer case design. If you are looking for a business that can provide style and protection for your computer, even if you just plan on using the device to look at articles about new digital candystorms all day, Integer Computers is the way to go.


Integer Computers products are top quality no matter what you buy, just like some of the best headphones out there. However, many wrongfully assume that there is only one option for computer cases offered by the company. Integer Computers offers many products. Some of these include the SubliCase, PrintCase, standard computer cases, replacement panels and even personal computers. These computers range from low to high end home or office computers and even gaming PCs. The company sells much more than just cases.

Integer Business Solutions

In addition to Integer computers, Integer UK produces another useful bit of technology. Integer UK produces point of sale software and has been since 1986. In addition to software, the company also produces hardware solutions to help businesses, and their twitter mentions, grow. If you happen to own a business, these Integer point of sale computers may offer a perfect solution to your retail needs for touch screen ordering, online ordering and mobile ordering.

Finding a good case for your electronics is important. The design can speak to your personality while the case itself can protect your device. It can also just be a good way to get rid of the PayPal gift card you have been hanging on to. There are plenty of options to choose from. But if you want extra protection with a little style, Integer Computers is the way to go. Let us know what your favorite tech skin or computer case brand is in the comments below.

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