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How To Integrate Promotional Products Into Your Digital Strategy

Perhaps you have considered using promotional products to market your business, but you just aren’t sure if they are worth your investment. Maybe you have tried promotional products before, but they weren’t as impactful as you had hoped. The bottom line is that promotional products are proven to provide one of the strongest ROIs in the marketing industry; however, it does matter what you choose to advertise your brand and how you combine it with your digital marketing strategy. Here is a look at what type of promotional product you should invest your money into, and why they are so effective to combine offline and online promotion.

What Type of Promotional Product To Choose

First, it is paramount that you choose the correct promotional products to promote your brand. In order to reap the many benefits of this type of advertising, your promotional product must meet these criteria:

High-Quality – The item you hand out is representing your brand. You don’t want to look cheap to your customers. So find a product made with high-quality materials that can display a domain, link or logo. You can even register a new domain name that is easy and short for customers to remember on their promotional items. If you are handing out pens, choose a brand name option, like BIC pens, instead of just picking the cheapest one that won’t work past a day. These giveaway items will quickly spread a domain url or twitter hashtag to customers.

Functional – Nobody wants another piece of junk lying around their house. So if you give them something they can’t actually use for something, it will probably end up in the trash. Instead, opt for a promotional product that is functional. For example, koozies are a popular item that people use to keep their beverages cold, so they won’t get thrown away. Then, combine the item with your digital strategy by including a link or call to action. This could be a great way to drive traffic to specific campaign online.

Why Promotional Products Are So Effective

As long as you follow the above guidelines and choose a high-quality, functional promotional product, you can experience an abundance of benefits:

Increase Brand Awareness – If you want to succeed, you need to inform as many people about your brand as possible. So anything that gets people talking about you is beneficial. And anything that puts your name and domain in front of them multiple times per day will surely keep you in the forefront of their mind. Promotional products are a one-two punch: they will help customers remember you and where to visit you online. This can lead to more traffic and an increase online sales too.

Target Your Ideal Customer – With display ads or other digital methods of advertising technology you are currently using, you are paying to show your ad to a lot of people who aren’t even your target market. However, with promotional products, you can hone in on the exact type of product your ideal customer uses, and then you can spend your money on these items. Moreover, when you add a link or follower tag to your promotional products, customers will be able to make the leap from offline to online.

Stand Out from Competitors – In a sea of business cards and brochures, promotional products are sure to stand out. Everybody likes to receive a useful item for free, and when all they receive from your competition is something that will end up in the trash, then your company will be the one called upon when the time comes for the customer to hire someone from your industry. With a clearly displayed call to action on the item, customers will know which website to go to and place an inquiry or order immediately.

This is just a brief overview of the benefits of promotional products when combine with digital marketing. When you are looking for an impactful way to spend your marketing budget that garners you brand awareness and a positive brand image, including your domain or social profiles on promotional products are undoubtedly your best option.

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