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Digital Dreams Report Conclusions Show Growing Consumer Frustration

Every holiday season, it seems like most people are talking about the latest mobile phone, DAS keyboard, tablet or recently released devices. At the holiday dinner table, families discuss the latest iPhone, iOS update and who can actually download the latest Android release on their phone. For years now, tablets, laptops and other devices have been the highlight of technology topics.

However, are American’s growing frustrated with current technology devices? Are they expecting more than mere MGCP alternatives from technology manufacturers? What is America really wishing for? Intel shares their insights with the “Intel Digital Dreams” study.

Increasing Technology Frustrations

In the report, the study revealed that Americans are growing in frustration with technology. While we are able read about the latest technology developments and innovations, they are not available, either due to cost or production. The study showed some of the following interesting statistics:

  • Nearly 1 in 2 Americans would like to try new technologies like 3-D printers and robots
  • 8 out of 10 people responded they would be more likely to buy the technology if they had the chance to try it first
  • 69% of Americans would be happy to use a personal robot for making meals, foot rubs, massages or even as a digital date.

With all the evolving technology around us, including 3-D printing, Vbrick systems, augmented reality games, automated robots and more, you can not blame anyone for wanting a piece of future technology. As the newest technologies continued to decrease in cost, we can expect some or all of them to go mainstream. Also, the rejection in cost can lead to new applications for innovation in business, healthcare, education and other key sectors.

To fill the demand to try new technologies, Intel does have an agreement with Best Buy.  In retail locations across the nation, consumers can engage in the Intel Experience. In this area, consumers have trial access to advanced and newly developed technologies that are not widespread (at least not yet).


The survey, conducted during the last week of October 2014, represents A national sample of Americans. Would you agree with the findings? Are you at all wanting more from the technologies available to us in retail stores? Let us know in the comments below.

For anyone really wanting to get their hands on the newest technology, you may want to consider a career with a high-tech or enterprise-level corporation. For example, designers at Ikea get to work with 3-D printers regularly. Custom software engineers have the chance to experiment with robotic solutions. Even at the latest digital technology blog, you may have an early try at futuristic games and virtual innovations. Finding a job in IT can be rewarding for the experimenters at heart.

Emerging Technology  Lists

Furthermore, the digital dreams study, not to be confused with the Digital Dreams music festival, shows that many people would be new tech products as gifts. However, since they don’t have experience with them, it deters them from making the purchase. Certainly, as more wearable and clothing technology come into the market, we can expect this interest in new technology products to rise.

In the meantime, we they have to just settle for the new line of wearable technologies entering the market. This year, we might spend some extra time talking about the Apple Watch, LG G Watch R or Samsung smart watch. Who knows, maybe next year will be the year for 3D gaming and devices.

A Different Digital Dream

If you care less about technology and more about EDM, or electronic dance music, you are probably looking for a different type of Digital Dreams. Digital Dreams is a music festival happening in Toronto, Canada in July of 2017. This is not the first year for the Digital Dreams Music Festival in Toronto, and with this year’s lineup exceeding people’s expectations, it is sure to not be the last. If you are an EDM-loving tech geek, consider learning more about the Digital Dreams lineup and the festival as a whole at their website.

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