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5 Interactive Presentation Tools To Use During Your Next Meeting

Interactive presentations are becoming more and more common in business today. To serve this, a whole slew of new presentation tools have become available. For a project manager preparing a presentation this can be a blessing and a curse. You have more tools to work with, but your presentation has to be that much more impressive to stand out. You might wonder will help you achieve this. Here are 5 interactive presentation tools that will make your presentation a winner.

Mobile Control

One of the most exciting tools in interactive presentations is mobile control. This allows you to control the whole presentation from your phone. It’s as easy as using a mobile app. This gives you a wider range of control as your do the presentation. The mobile can also give you feedback in real time as you give the presentation. This can help you handle the actual presentation performance and alter it as you read the audience reaction. Mobile control takes the tradition of a presentation remote to a new level.

In-Presentation Analytics

Another presentation tool is analytic feedback in the presentation. This lets you view data on anyone who is logged into the presentation as you present it. This data can provide valuable information to tailor future presentations. It also ensures that you can identify groups who didn’t respond well to the presentation. These analytics are the way you can not only improve this presentation, but every presentation to follow.

Connection to Database

Your presentation can access all sorts of databases of media and templates. This digital technology will let you tailor your presentation to all occasions. Template creation can let you build presentation templates around your brand logos and colors. Other presentation software lets you connect to the creative commons database. This gives you thousands of rights free pictures and videos to make your presentation even more eye catching. This level of customization gives you unlimited options to make the presentation your own.


Some presentation products make it easy to share presentations between several authors. Your presentation may need input from multiple employees providing their expertise. Shareability features take all their work and integrate it into a single document. This mean you do not have to worry about having the wrong version that is missing someone’s contribution. Most presentations have multiple authors, and this feature streamlines that process.

Interactive Activities

Some software will even include interactive parts of the presentation for your viewers. Interactive charts and games can help the viewer retain and understand presented information. Combined with analytics it can also give a greater sense of what they took away from the presentation. It also allows the presentation to continue to be of use after you’ve delivered it. Such interactivity is excitedly blurring the lines between presentation and other fields.

Many great tools can help make your presentation more impressive. Mobile control can give you greater control as you do the presentation. Analytics creates solid data on your viewers. Connected databases give you thousands of options to customize the presentation. You can use the shareability feature to improve cooperation in constructing the presentation. These technology solutions work to make little every day things easier. Interactive activities help the view more clearly understand the topic. Any one of these tools can help make sure your next presentation is a hit.

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