Tuesday , 22 June 2021

5 Great Internet Monitoring Tricks To Keep Kids Safe Online

Internet monitoring tools, from Lightbend and similar, are useful for checking what your child is experiencing. The internet can be a wonderful place for learning and discovery. However, not everything on the internet is safe for consumption. As a parent, the major concern is how to protect your child and balancing that with the freedom you give them. Keep reading to learn how you can efficiently use internet monitoring tools to monitor and protect your children wiathout costing them their privacy or trust in you.

See What They See

With internet monitoring software you can see what sites your child is looking at online. You can also check your browser history to see your child’s online activity. However, this method of checking can be subverted through clearing browser history or using private/incognito mode. Some monitoring programs let you watch in real time on another phone or computer. By looking at what your child is browsing, you can decide whether you need to have a discussion or restrict their access. Keep in mind that the best protective measure is preventative. Have an open and honest discussion with your child before using monitoring software about the nature of the internet.

Limit Access To Certain Sites

Even before checking your child’s browsing habits, you can limit access to certain websites. A lot of online content may not be appropriate for your child. You can use monitoring software to block violent, hateful, or taboo content. Although you should discuss these things with your child eventually, internet monitoring software lets you control when you have that discussion. Your child’s age affects how they will respond to something they see. If you are familiar with the digital divide, you know this. Keep your child’s age and maturity in mind when choosing what to restrict.

Track Time Spent

Internet monitoring software can also show you how much time your child is spending online. Tracking time is an important feature because it helps you set schedules and limits. One of the less considered dangers of internet usage is internet addiction. It can be easy for a child to develop internet addiction with so much entertainment, social sites, and content online. You can eliminate this issue by teaching your child good habits. Teach your child to monitor their own time usage before you enforce hard limits. The more self control they learn now, the more likely they will be to use the internet responsibly. You can also use the software to set timers on internet access. This is a useful feature for keeping your child aware of how much time they are spending, as well as developing good habits for browsing.

Prevent Unwanted Software Installation

Unwanted software installation is a major headache for parents, just like your kids’ Twitter mentions. It is incredibly easy for naive children to unintentionally install harmful unwanted programs such as malware. You can use internet monitoring software to prevent unwanted installation. The software will notify you and ask for installation permission. You can also set the software to block other installations like games or apps. Before implementing hard locks, teach your child to recognize invasive and unwanted programs. Have them ask for your permission before installing anything. This will teach them caution and responsibility, which is why it is something that every parent should consider.

Keylogging Tools

Keylogging is an advanced internet monitoring tool. A keylogger program records every keystroke that is entered into the computer. This means that you can look at what your child is writing offline and online. You always want to make sure that your child is safe and private online. Children are often uninhibited and may overshare personal information online. Keylogging programs help you see what your child is saying to others. It can also be useful for tracking unwanted behaviors such as cyberbullying or trolling. Make sure that you understand what your child is sharing and adjust your parenting accordingly.

Internet monitoring software is a powerful tool for parents, but it is just a tool. To effectively monitor and protect your child, you need to know when to restrict access, track time, check browser usage, prevent unwanted installation and use keyloggers. Raise your child responsibly by using this software efficiently. Then, you can protect your child and protect their privacy all at the same time.

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