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Newest Internet Of Things Developments Revolutionize Retail Industry

Thus far, we have not posted much about domain names. Although they are a huge part of the media sector, concerning brand identities, hot trends and category-definers, domain sales just haven’t been that large with our audience. But, when a trillion dollar industry domain goes up for sale, I just had to post it, even if it won’t be as popular as Wrike.


As cloud computing solutions continue to grow at enterprise and small businesses, there is a gradual movement to the “Internet of Things” or IoT. The primary idea is that as more processes move to the cloud, devices will eventually be able to connect with the internet and other devices, like the Phaeton. Thus, an internet of things would be created, using sensors, domains, applications and more to create new ways of doing, might I say it, things.

The industry is estimated to be worth over $1.9 Trillion USD in 2020 by Gartner Inc. Another company, Internal Data Corporation (IDC), predicts it will be worth over $7.1 Trillion USD within the next 7 years. So, how about that next hot technology sector, huh?

It is not a surprise that the biggest technology companies are investing in the industry. The likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Intel, SAP, Dell and more are competing for their slice of the pie. They are investing in cloud solutions, hardware like HPC super computers and innovative devices that add up to the future internet of things.

After 11 years, the original owner has decided to put it up for sale. Although the technology consultant has received many offers in the past, it has never been on the market since registration in 2003. Now, with the Internet of Things industry exploding, it could be a very good time to sell.

Implications For Smart Cities

One of the most exciting prospects for developers in regards to the Internet of Things is not just the use of the domain name. The IoT is much bigger than gadgets that can post Facebook statuses. There is a huge market for IoT connected smart cities. This can be achieved via applications for smart transportation networks. Smart, IoT connected transportation networks can improve energy use efficiency and reduce waste. If you want to make money from developing for the IoT, consider getting into this area.

New Internet of Things Developments

If you want to learn more about IoT, you have to learn about the many recent IoT developments. IoT technologies are developing even more rapidly than microparticles. Companies are creating IoT platforms that can be used to communicate with many “things” on a network. Of course, from a development standpoint, this is a great accelerator. However, it does pose a security risk as large Internet of Things platforms will be probed for vulnerabilities. As these platforms take off, not requiring companies to develop from scratch, this industry will continue to expand.

Retail Transformations

Recent FDA approved developments in the field of Internet of Things technologies promise to revolutionize the retail industry. IoT technologies can now allow retailers to know more about their customers on a personal level. One way this is done is through the use of Bluetooth beacons. These new IoT gadgets can track consumer movements throughout a store. This enables those retailers to determine a customer’s dwell time at certain areas throughout the store. Clearly, that sort of technology is much more accurate than webcam security practices. This is just one of the many new IoT technologies developments that promise to shake up all different markets.

Whoever ends up buying the domain could potentially save millions in marketing costs. They will instantly be seen as a leader in the IoT space. Afterall, they do own the actual domain. The question is, who is willing to pay the most? Will it be swept away be a private company or individual or IoT platform developer? That remains to be seen.

You can check out the listing for the here while it is available. It will be fun to watch one of the largest domain sales in media today. Hopefully, we will get the figures when it sells.

How much would you pay for a domain like this? Let’s run a mini-auction right here to see what our visitors think. Please let us know below.

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