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LinkScanner Antivirus Software Protects PCs From Malicious Websites


Desktop PC and laptop users have many options when it comes to internet security. Many people have anti-virus installed but sometimes a virus is discovered when it is too late, after it has already been clicked on or downloaded. This is where LinkScanner comes in.

Here is what you should know:

An AVG Product

AVG is an internet security brand founded in 1991 by Grisoft. They are based in Amsterdam and employ over 1000 people. AVG became a popular anti-virus option over the last decade by offering a free download for basic users. LinkScanner is a product acquired by AVG when they purchased Exploit Prevention Labs. It was briefly discontinued in 2012 when AVG included it as part of their Secure Search product, but as of 2015, it is available from AVG again.

LinkScanner Compatibility

If you want to download LinkScanner, you have to be sure it is compatible with your operating system. AVG LinkScanner software is only compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Wind 2k. However, there is another version of the antivirus software that is MacOS compatible for those of you with Mac accessories. Just remember to keep this in mind. You do not want to accidentally download a version of the software that is incompatible with your OS.

While Browsing The Web

LinkScanner protects you by verifying the safety of web pages you visit, and the security of links returned from web searches. Web sites can be hacked to redirect you to pages you may not wish to visit, or pages that may threaten the security and privacy of your computer. LinkScanner works in the background by pre-scanning web sites before they load, protecting you from malicious exploits that hackers may have left for unsuspecting internet browsers.

Easy To Install

LinkScanner is included in AVG’s Internet Security package, both the free version and the purchasable Pro option. All it takes is a few clicks on AVG’s product page to download their suite of cyber security tools, and your web browsing will be safe. If you already have an anti-virus software and only wish to download LinkScanner, you may do so too. Whichever option you choose, the software takes only a few moments to install and is very simple to implement.

Search Shield And Surf Shield

The scanner works along side two other AVG services called the Active Surf Shield and Search Shield. While browsing or searching on sites like Google, Yahoo or others, these two services will scan the links and notify you of any dangers before clicking on the link. Also, it scans the web page on the click and notify you of any spyware of virus software that could be on the page. There is an option to use the link scanner without these two shields. However, it may not be as effective as offering the extra layer of protection.

Positive Feedback

LinkScanner receives high praise for free software. The AVG brand gained popularity by being offered for free in the first place, so it is nice to see AVG continue this tradition with modern tools. LinkScanner software works in the background without noticeable slowdown of your computer, which is a plus. It works in real-time by stopping attacks before you access a virus or phishing attempt. Reviews of LinkScanner are primarily positive as it does what it promises to do, and does so well without hogging too much computer resources.

Concerns About Linkscanner

LinkScanner received some criticism from test management professionals in 2008 for bloating website hits. By pre-scanning websites in real time to assess their safety, LinkScanner’s search emulated a live visit. This increased the number of hits for a website in question, inflating true numbers. The pre-scan by LinkScanner also caused a small increase in bandwidth for some sites. These concerns were addressed in a later build of the product.

Another criticism of LinkScanner is that some install procedures offered to install a Yahoo! Search toolbar, which many reviewers did not care for. At other times, when LinkScanner software was built in to AVG’s Secure Search software, users had to install the AVG toolbar, which also received poor feedback from reviewers. Despite these concerns, the LinkScanner program continues to perform the features it promises to provide.

LinkScanner is a useful tool provided by AVG. Whether you use it as part of a larger internet security suite or as a standalone product when you rent a PC, its main feature is keeping you safe from malicious websites. It pre-scans websites to ascertain their safety, and does so without using too many computer resources that would slow down a user’s browsing. Consider download LinkScanner in addition to other internet security tools you may use.

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