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Required iOS App Development Guidelines For First Time Developers

App development is one of the largest areas of development for the tech sector. With more and more people adapting and improving their lives with phone applications, there is a huge market to capitalize on,just ask Wigo. If you are a tech person who has been waiting for the opportunity to  put your passion for technology and development skills to use to make money or start a business, designing an iOS app may be your best bet. Most smartphone users are loyal to their iPhone. Learn how to get started in iOS app development by learning Apple app guidelines in this post, to help you develop an iPhone app that actually makes its way to the App Store and, ultimately, to users’ phones.


Apple has many guidelines for the App Store review process, especially in the area of safety. You are going to want to be sure your app meets guidelines regarding objectionable content, user generated content, kids category, physical harm and developer information. If you app behaves in a way that risks physical harm, it may be rejected. iPhone apps are also expected to not include offensive, insensitive, upsetting, disgusting content or content that is intended to disgust. If you are developing an iPhone app that features user generated content, you must also include a filtering method, a reporting mechanism, service and user blocking capabilities. In addition, your app must have published contact information for your company. These iOS app development guidelines are required to be  met by every mobile application, so be sure to research further if you are concerned.


Just as Apple has app guidelines for safety, there are similar performance requirements for all App Store applications in the areas of app completeness, beta testing, accurate metadata, hardware compatibility and software requirements. As long as you use TestFlight for iOS app testing, and submit a fully complete and functional app to for App Store consideration, you will probably meet expected guidelines. Just make sure your app description, screenshots and previews accurately represent your app. If your app provides print on canvas services, make sure you include images of the finished products. You may also want to optimize your app for iPad and power efficiency too, in order to better your chances of approval. Also, be sure to use public APIs, as it is required of all App Store apps. These guidelines are no-brainers for even the most beginner app developers out there, so be sure to meet them.


Business requirements for iPhone app development are also important. Make sure to explain your app business  model in the metadata and App Review notes if it is not clear. Make sure you follow guidelines for in-app purchases, upgrades, subscriptions, and Apple Pay. As long as your new iOS app is not trying to rip people off, and does not include external links for payments required of users, you should be okay. Review the business requirements of the iOS app development guidelines in further detail if you are concerned.


Apps for iPhone are expected to meet particular guidelines regarding app design, even simple security apps like SlashID. iPhone apps are expected to be simple, refined, innovative and easy to use. Copycat apps will not be accepted. In addition, your app needs to provide further capabilities beyond a regular website in order to meet Apple’s minimum functionality requirements. Multiple Bundle IDS of the same app are also not allowed. Apps hosting extensions are expected to comply with the Apple App Extension Programming guide or the Safari Extensions Development Guide, so be sure to conduct further research if that applies to your app. Keep these Apple app development guidelines in mind when designing an app for iPhone.


In addition to all these requirements for design, business, safety and performance, Apple also expects iPhone app developers to meet guidelines regarding legality of the app. These guidelines include requirements for user privacy regarding personal data as detailed in the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. Make sure your app meets legal protections regarding data collection and storage, data use and sharing, location services and intellectual property. If you are developing a new gambling or gaming app, be sure that you pay close attention to these requirements, as gaming and gambling apps are some of the most regulated App Store Apps. If you are serious about developing apps for income, you should certainly be familiar with the legal requirements you are expected to uphold.

If you are a technology enthusiast who is a skilled programmer and developer, you may want to develop an iOS app for additional income or as a career. If so, make sure to account for Apple App Store guidelines for all mobile apps during the iOS app development process. These requirements mentioned above provide an excellent resource for planning out your new app. However, be sure to research iOS app requirements in further detail before submitting an app to the App Store for consideration. This is the only way to make sure your app meets Apple’s stringent requirements and actually makes it to iPhone users’ hands.

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