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How IoT Big Data Continued Growth Impacts The Field Of IT

Big data revolutionized the technology industry several years back and proofed just how much devices impact relationships. However, now with the advent of the Internet of Things, big data takes on a whole new meaning for anyone who works in the information technology sector. IoT big data will continue to grow with the growth and development of smart home devices and other smart gadgets. If you are an IT professional curious as to how the Internet of Things is impacting big data, keep reading below to learn all about it.

Need For IoT Data Analytics

The rising popularity of IoT gadgets and smart devices has created even more big data than ever seen before. Obviously, this presents further need for big data analytics applications and developments. There is now a market for big data analytics solutions tailored for use with Internet of Things data. This presents an excellent opportunity for IoT architects to capitalize on. IoT analytics architects will start to be in higher demand, and this is a huge consideration for any IT professional.

IoT Big Data Analytics For Smart Cities

In the fields of big data and the IoT, discussions have begun regarding the development and management of smart cities. Professionals have suggested the use of big data analytics in IoT smart city development. The suggested theory demonstrates itself to be scalable and efficient, which is a huge concern when developing smart cities. Of course, there is still a long time to go before we see data driven transportation, waste management, freight solutions, law enforcement and energy systems. However, this is certainly an area for IT professionals to keep a close eye on fo further developments.

Further Development Of Augmented Reality

The presence of big data from IoT connected devices also allows incredible opportunities for more augmented reality applications, beyond the augmented reality gaming apps that have popped up. Those in the IT field can capitalize on this opportunity if they are interested in development. PokemonGo is just the beginning of the power of big data from the IoT in terms of providing everyday solutions for consumers. The opportunities these developments present for further creation and improvement of augmented reality solutions should be an exciting prospect for anyone in the field of IT. It will certainly be a welcome change from Vblocks projects at the very least.


With the rise of the Internet of Things and the controversial big data it generates, there becomes an even more pressing need for improved security of these new endpoints. As you surely know, many internet connected devices do not have the security protocol in place to protect user data. This makes IoT security a huge area of concern for IT experts and consumers themselves. This is an area that desperately needs improvements, so it is imperative that those in the IT field take special care to devise and implement new security measures for internet connected gadgets.


IoT big data also begs for further integration in business. After many years spent trying to figure out the profitability of big data analytics, the IoT now makes it a reality. Businesses will be able to begin talking about a ROI for big data. That may not be quite as important to IT professionals as it is to business owners and professionals. However, the need for further big data analytics integration at various business organizations presents further opportunities for IT job seekers. This may be an important area to start educating yourself on if you hope to further your career in IT.


The Internet of Things has less value without Big Data, and Big Data has less value without the Internet of Things. The value of the Internet of Things lies in creating smarter products and delivering intelligent insights to provide new business outcomes. However, this value is inherently created by the value of Big Data. There will be a massive inflow of Big Data as more and more smart devices connect to the Internet of Things. Thus, more Big Data will lead to further creation of smarter products, improved intelligent insights and better business outcomes. The two are inherently linked. That is why one has no value without the other. This is one area of technology that may even be more exciting than cloud storage developments.

If you work in the field of Information Technology, the IoT big data revolution surely affects your job duties and knowledge of the industry. The developments mentioned above are some of the most important to know. These IoT big data analytics developments present opportunities for IT experts to educate themselves on the latest technologies, like digital asset management software, to improve their career trajectory or add an additional specialization to their resume. Click back to this post if you need a refresher on the latest big data solutions for the Internet of Things.

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