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Can Your iPad Finally Replace a MacBook in 2021

It is not a secret that many people go crazy about the Apple brand and want to become lucky owners of its top-notch devices. However, the price tag for such gadgets is not the most affordable one, so they have to choose what to purchase first. Those who had stayed on top of novelties since 2018 when the brand introduced a brand-new iPad Pro hoped that the 2021 model would finally become a decent replacement for the laptop. Some young people even turned to specialized writing services, typing a request,”write my essay for me” to have more time for an aside job that can help make additional cash for purchasing the desired device. Were all their efforts in vain? It is hard to say right away because the updated model can still come in handy in many cases. However, can it replace the laptop? Let’s go deep down the question and sort all things out.


One way or another, but a price tag runs the table for many people when it comes to buying a new gadget. For example, most students live on a budget and do their best to keep work and study balance, so they opt for a more affordable option on the market. Talking about the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it may cost you about $1000 for a tablet, but if you want to equip it with a keyboard, you should be ready to add $448 to that price. At the same time, you can grab the 13-inch MacBook Pro for about $1300. It is high time to mention that the lowest price for the iPad Pro goes for 128GB, while the same laptop will have 256GB. If you require more storage space on your iPad, be ready to pay $100 for 256GB. Or, find solutions online to clean up you Mac for better functionality. It’s not to mention the extra $130 if you need an Apple Pencil. Thus, it may seem at first glance that the purchase of an iPad Pro is a more affordable option, but when you start counting expenses on all the “perks” required for replacing a laptop, you see that you have to spend a fortune in fact.


The next key moment people have to pay attention to is keep your brain multitasking since everyone wants to get the best out of their device. One has to say that the iPad has been greatly upgraded in this aspect for the last few years, so the home screen can please you with redesigned widgets and some new features like Smart Stack. It is not to mention the improved app design that involved pull-down menus. However, all these innovations take a back seat compared to macOS. Most iPad applications are inferior to their desktop analogs, and features don’t possess the same versatility as the laptop OS. As you understand, not all Apple applications run on iPad, and the brand will hardly change this situation dramatically in the next few years.

Battery Life

Many Apple users know that battery life is one of the key issues about all the brand’s gadgets. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro can please you with ten hours of work if you surf the internet on Wi-Fi. It may seem like a good result unless you compare it to the MacBook Air M1 that can run for about fifteen hours on the wireless connection, while the Pro version can work even two hours more. Of course, you should consider a power bank to charge your gadgets on the go. Therefore, if battery life plays a crucial role for you, iPad will hardly meet your requirements and be able to replace the laptop.


If you want to grab a new device for work, it should be as comfortable as possible because you will spend long hours over it. A keyboard is one of the fundamentals, so it should meet your needs and not bring any inconveniences. Even though the Magic Keyboard can become a great helper, its touchpad size leaves much to be desired, especially if you compare it to the one on the MacBook Pro. A bigger size provides you with more freedom and, thus, comfort. Of course, one can mention that the futuristic iPad Pro stands out with its touch screen, while the laptop can boast only a miserable Touch Bar that can do nothing for the most part. Nevertheless, a touchpad can negatively affect your productivity, so you will hardly want to spend a fortune on a device that will slow you down.


Finally, the new iPad Pro has started supporting Thunderbolt, so it is already not a big deal to connect an external display or storage. However, if you need to connect a few sources, you will find yourself at a crossroads since the iPad has a single port. So, you should either purchase an additional dock or opt for a laptop, not to spend additional money. Just bear in mind that it can be inconvenient to take the dock everywhere with you. Thus, the MackBook Pro wins this battle since it possesses two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, and it is not to mention a headphone jack and other mac accessories.

iPad Pro vs. MacBook Pro

As you might have seen, the time hasn’t yet come to replace the laptop with the iPad Pro, even though it can become a stunning purchase if you can afford such a purchase without additional savings or need a top-notch camera for video calls. Nonetheless, if you have to choose between the gadgets, it will be wiser to grab the MacBook Pro for your work.

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