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Just Announced iPhone 7s Release Hints At Exciting New Features


Mobile digital technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Due to the competitive market, new and improved smartphones are released every year. Apple’s iPhone is arguably the most widely used mobile device in the U.S. Next year, Apple will be introducing the iPhone 7s. In this post, technology enthusiasts can learn about the exciting rumored innovations happening to this mobile device before it hits the shelves.


As always, Apple has worked hard to introduce vibrant, beautiful displays on their products. From retina display to 4K monitors, the colors and resolution have stood out among the competition. Just take a look at iPad sales. It is strongly speculated that the iPhone 7s could feature an OLED screen. It is debated whether the screen would be increased in size or just expand further across the device by removing the upper bezel and adding an in-screen touch button. It’s a bold dream for the next generation iPhone.

Fingerprint Scanner

Rumor has it that there are big changes coming to the way you access your phone to open your favorite apps, like the taxi app. The iPhone 7s has also been said to be making a change to the incredibly popular fingerprint scanning feature. Leaks have indicated that the Touch ID fingerprint scanner may be moved to the back of the device. This seems a bit unusual, and perhaps counter-intuitive. However, the people at Apple are sure to make the best decision for the customers in the end. Only time will tell where the Touch ID scanner will be on the iPhone 7s.


The new iPhone 7s promises to improve their waterproof features. The latest iPhone edition will offer enhanced waterproofing. This is a much needed feature for many iPhone users. How many phones have you ruined from dropping in the water? That is why a new waterproof iPhone is a very welcome development, especially in conjunction with the new collaboration tools expected.


The iPhone 7s is rumored to become the most secure smartphone on the market when it is released. Eye-sensing technology may become a big part of the 7s, which will coincide with Apple Pay. While the eye-sensing technology would become added security to payments, if the fingerprint technology remains, it would boost internal security. Tech enthusiasts should know about the exciting innovations that may be included in the iPhone 7s that make up for the lack of on ear headphones.


Better front-facing and rear cameras are two more possible improvements to Apple’s latest mobile device. also anticipates an, “upgraded version of optical image stabilization as well as wider camera lens on the front snapper.” These changes will improve HDR images and videos on a mobile device like never before. This advanced technology is what keeps Apple’s tight grip on the market and another breakthrough for mobile technology as a whole.


The iPhone 7s may feature an all-glass enclosure, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This is much more sleek and modern than 2 way radios. Apple used glass back in 2010 with the iPhone 4, which was reinforced with a metal spine. Apple shifted away from metal due to its breaking and cracking, but the 7s will be designed to avoid these issues. If Kuo is right, Apple would launch an entirely glass-based smartphone. This change is a big step for the iPhone and another exciting element to look out for.


The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are rumored to contain advanced processors like Raid 1. The Octa-core A10 processor would increase your mobile’s devices speed. Another great benefit of this processor is that it would keep your device cool. There have been several occasions when I have shut my iPhone off simply because it was getting too hot. Hopefully, the Octa-core A10 would prevent that from happening. The advanced processor is definitely an innovation we can all appreciate.


The iPhone 7s is rumored to have somewhere between a 4.7″ to a 5.1″ screen. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a thin width, which would have a negative effect the phone’s battery life. Hopefully, Apple will use technology within the device to make up for the deficiency. Other rumors claim that the device will be bigger, since Apple is attempting to make the iPhone 7s waterproof and dustproof. Either way, we can anxiously await how big the iPhone 7s will be and appreciate Apple’s reasoning for the design.

Mobile technology does not slow down. We all remember how even the Nokia innovations had gotten outpaced. The iPhone has made strides since the smartphone’s first generation was released in 2007. This specific mobile device has many rumors surrounding it, including its security, camera, design, processor, and size. Whether what rumors are true or not, all technology enthusiasts can get excited for the release of the iPhone 7s next year.

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