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How iOS 12 Will Shape iPhone App Development In 2019

iOS is one of the leading platforms that capture a huge share of the global market for mobile users. But this is a highly dynamic domain where advanced versions keep coming over the horizon at regular intervals of time.

iOS has launched its 12th major release in September 2018 and expected it to be a miraculous invention for the iPhone impact to users. But does it live up to the expectations? Let’s explore more about iOS 12 and what will be its impact on iPhone app development in 2019 and the years beyond that.

How iOS 12 Was Born?

Apple Inc. always strives hard to come up with comprehensive solutions to fix the pain points for iPhone users. iOS 11 was launched in 2017 but it could not rule the hearts of the developers and users in spite of four major updates. This release was power-packed with a wide range of features but couldn’t satisfy iPhone users on the grounds of performance and stability.

Considering the current scenario and specific requirements of the target audience, Apple made sincere efforts to release its 12th version which was focused on better performance and stability. The sole motive of iOS 12 was to make iPads and iPhones faster and responsive enough so that the users can get an optimum experience. This is how iOS 12 got a life. What are the core features of ios 12 & what will be there impact on iphone app development in 2019 & beyond?

Exclusive Siri Shortcuts: A Result Of Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Siri is definitely one of the most unique offerings of iOS 12 which act as a virtual assistant to the users and function on the principles of AI. It can make users’ lives much easier. The primary role of Siri is to predict shortcuts and suggest them to the users. A mobile app development company can use this concept and write code that can identify actions and convey them to Siri so that users can use those shortcuts.

Shortcuts and phrases can be added in iOS apps and they can be used to accelerate user interactions. Also, automated workflows can be developed by applying certain conditions and when those conditions get fulfilled appropriate action can be suggested by Siri.

For example, if you are running late, Siri can be used to notify concerned contacts that you will be late. Also, this tool has robust support for over 40 different languages which make it a tough competition for Google Assistant, which is trying to be the Siri for android.

This trend of advanced AI is expected to be continued in 2019 and product managers will find more ways to use this modern technology for making better and quality apps to cater to their targeted elite user base.

ARKit 2: The Game Changer Move For Providing Users With Collaborative AR Experiences

iOS comes with an exclusive ARKit 2 which is proving out to be one of the most in-demand augmented reality app development platforms for the future years. This kit has transformed the world of multiplayer gaming and simulations by making them more thrilling.

It allows programmers to utilize world-mapping data and provide users with amazing shared AR experiences. Also, it has better support for seamless face tracking, 3D art detection, and object measuring capabilities. The users can use this specific functionality to measure the distance of objects and walls by using their phone’s camera.

This technology has empowered users with the ability to scan real-world objects and use their movements and position into the app’s AR space. iOS developers are also trying to engage users by making more and more objects a part of AR iOS apps. This trend is anticipated to be even more advanced in the coming few years.

Seamless Compatibility, Speed, & Performance

iOS 12 is the first version which is compatible with the maximum number of devices. Because of this seamless compatibility, iPhone programmers can build high-end, feature-rich apps that have the potential to provide the users with an amazing experience irrespective of the device which they use to browse the app.

In addition, this version offers superb speed and high performance for iOS app development. For example, you can look at iPhone 7s which has experienced a speed boost because of iOS 12 update. It has been noted that these systems have the potential to load apps up to 40% faster, sliding to take a picture up to 70% faster, and the keyboard comes up 50% faster.

It’s just an example, but in reality, iOS 12 has outshined all the previous releases of Apple and served as a bridge that facilitates seamless performance and prepares users to explore the future of augmented and push interface.

Grouped Notifications: Another Feature In The Cap Of iOS 12

iOS 12 has a feature that group notifications on the basis of classifying them in similar threads and topics which makes the screen of the device look much more cleaner and organized.

In addition, iPhone developers are identifying different ways to incorporate controls in the form of switches and buttons so that to prompt user interaction when notifications are sent. By using iOS 12 exclusive notification content app extension, developers are trying to tailor the overall look of iOS app’s notifications panel.

With the help of this customized notification interface and its exclusive view controller, programmers can perform the following functions easily:

  • Include tailor-made images for branding
  • Properly arrange the placing of items like titles and subtitles
  • Showcase app-specific data in a well-organized manner
  • Incorporate visually-appealing fonts in order to style the interface elements
  • Leveraging IoT With Advanced iOS 12 Apps

This technology is definitely going to provide iPhone developers with several opportunities in 2019 and years beyond that. They can work on iOS 12 to build apps that have the potential to group devices together and let users manage them through Siri.

Taking Machine Learning To The Next Level By Coming Up With Core Machine Learning 2 (Corel 2)

It’s evident that Apple always uses machine learning tools for making their solutions more efficient and advanced. Following the same trend, the tech giant launched Core ML 2 along with iOS 12 in 2018.

With the help of this advanced tool, developers can integrate a wide range of machine learning model in their iOS apps. This platform facilitates the development of reliable apps that can perform seamlessly and are much more responsive. In 2019 the iOS programmers will surely explore this technology more in order to build high-end iOS apps.

With these six points in mind, it’s not that difficult to assume that iOS 12 is all ready to transform the iOS app development industry in more than one way. Also, it’s seen as a tough competitor to Android P and is expected to be extensively used for building feature-rich iOS apps in the coming year.

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