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How To Be An IT Forensics Professional In Technology Industry

IT forensics is a quickly growing field with room for growth and fulfillment. Students interested in criminal justice should consider a career in IT forensics. Such as when you pursue any career, it can be difficult to know where to start. Read ahead to learn how to get a job in IT forensics.

Make Sure The Field Is For You

Crime shows and dramas glamorize the world of forensics. The realities of the job require most of your time be spent in a lab. It is unlikely that you will work on high profile cases until you have built your career. Set your expectations before you begin pursuing your career goals. If you are a logical and detailed individual interested in the day to day work, IT forensics is the career path for you.

Get Your Degree

There is more than one degree option available in order to be qualified for a career in computer forensics. Both degrees in computer science and criminal justice fields can lead you into the exciting world of IT forensics. Choose your path based on your interests. Once you have completed the first step of obtaining your bachelors degree, move on to gaining some valuable experience at a place like Eclinical Works.

On The Job Experience

Due to the sensitive nature of forensic cases, you will most likely gain experience in an unconventional way. As opposed to specific experience, you will want to choose either IT or law enforcement experience. There are many paths to reach the same goal, such as working for a private company’s IT security team, or being a police officer. Take the option that makes the most sense to you. With this crucial experience, you will be well prepared for your career.

Choose Where You Want To Work

The biggest choice you make will be weather you want to work privately or for a government agency. Although government agency work aids the greater good of the public, work in the private sector, like Saudi Aramco, tends to provide better financial compensation. Consider factors such as other sources of income and your cost of living when making this decision. Once you know where you want to obtain employment, move onto the final step.

Obtain Additional Certification

Not all jobs in IT forensics require additional certifications, but many do. Pad your resume with strong work experience if you are not interested in obtaining additional certification. Check with your potential employer what certifications they require before you look to begin a new job. An IT forensics certification can be a strong asset in your job hunt.

Overall, IT forensics is a quickly growing field with many opportunities to get into, although it is not as easy as Hootsuite adding hashtag streams. Be sure you’ve obtained the proper degrees and certifications. Paired with strong work experience, you are sure to land your dream career. Once you’ve gotten any necessary certification, there are no limits in how far you can go. Follow these steps and you are well on your way to a fulfilling career in IT forensics.

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