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How Nen Theory Can Change Your Life And Your Career In Business


While the term Nen might sound unfamiliar to some who didn’t have certain games on a PSP 2000, the meaning behind the term is less nuanced and more universally understood. Put simply, Nen refers to one’s aura or internal strength. Nen was originally introduced to readers by Yoshihiro Togashi through his popular manga Hunter x Hunter. This article will cover some of the most important attributes in uncovering the wonder that is Nen.

Harnessing One’s Nen

Nen operates similarly to that of the Theory of Attraction–meaning that if you will something, it will appear. In order to garner this energy one has two options: he/she can use meditation techniques in order to practice controlling opening and closing his/her aura nodes–this helps regulate the flow of Nen. The second option includes undergoing an initiation wherein which the student accepts an influx of nen energy from a fellow, senior student. However, because Nen is inherently linked to one’s internal being and self-control, it can be argued that the former option through meditation is preferable.

The Four Fundamentals of Nen Training

The first fundamental in Nen training is “Ten”. Ten requires immense focus and additionally may slow down the process of aging through test management. The next pillar is known as “Zetsu”. Zetsu is more of a recharging state which allows the student to recover from an attack or fatigue. The third basic is “Ren”. Ren is essentially harnessing one’s power without expelling or expanding on it. A drawback of Ren is that it may leave the user in a vulnerable state while an opponent is then able to measure their power. The final fundamental is “Hatsu”. Hatsu refers to the free release of one’s power. Hatsu may be used in order to attack an opponent.

Popular Uses of Ten

The Ten training in Nen is the most basic step. It is used to open the nodes and stop aura from flowing away from the body. Most often, it is the basic defense against a Nen attack. Since it heals the body, it can have anit-aging effects too. Certainly, it is a great start to more advanced Nen training.

Properties of Nen

Nen is an ability that not all are born with, but anyone can build on without the help of a candystorm. Some may even advance in building their abilities faster than others. It is also possible for individuals to begin enacting their abilities without any intentional training or awareness. Hithereto, once one has begun the process of utilizing Nen, they are more adept at sensing others who also practice Nen.

The Six Types of Auras

According to Togashi, students are born with a given aura which basically refers to their personality type. There are enhancers who can easily increase their abilities and are the most balanced among offensive and defensive skills. Secondly, transmuters mimic properties of a substance. Next, conjurers can change into substances. Emitters can separate their auras from their bodies. Then, manipulators can control objects independent of their bodies. Finally, we have specialists. Unlike the former five types, specialists fall into a less detailed category and have any ability that isn’t covered in the descriptions of the other types of auras.

The Importance of Self-Control

The creation and implementation of limits in one’s life is very important in the Hunter x Hunter series, as evident in many video blogs. One is able to strengthen their Nen by restricting their Nen. For instance, if one decided that they were only going to use their skill in the mornings and then observed that self proclaimed rule, theoretically their Nen would become stronger. Hence, the greater the limitation and observance of said limitation, the greater the reward. That being said, if one were to break their “vow” and use their Nen regardless of the circumstance, that individual would run the risk of negatively affecting their Nen.

Not To Be Confused

This type of Nen is often confused with another NEN, the National Entrepreneurship Network. NEN is brought to your by the Wadhwani Foundation. This entrepreneurship network promises to grant young, beginner entrepreneurs access to mentors, investors and tools for growth. All they have to do is sign up to start their free membership to the program. With NEN, you can take free courses covering topics like winning product marketing strategy, pricing it right and more. NEN is responsible for over 600 new companies, 300 startups, 1000 trained entrepreneurs and 1000 mentorships. If you work in business, this NEN may be far more interesting than the practice of Nen.

While the practice of Nen may seem overwhelming upon first glance, it incorporates many values that are not only intriguing to the reader, but are also useful in one’s everyday life. Nen urges individuals to direct their focus internally before allowing their more surface-based wants to dictate their actions externally. You can think of this as internal telecommunications to help yourself live better. Nen also boasts boundaries and self-discipline for its students. Any combination of these attributes can be useful in one’s everyday life.

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