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Kings Park Is An Unexpected Leader In Technology And Education

For youngsters, technology is natural. But, for the students at Kings Park School District in Virginia, minors are getting an education focused on technology accessibility and understanding. Most specifically, the Kings Park Elementary school takes their commitment to students and technology to another level. On their twitter page, anyone can notice how well they are integrating technology not only within the classroom, but into the actual activities of the students.


Moreover, their staff is dedicated to encouraging collaboration among teachers and students, across several grade levels to embrace learning technology. As a community of sharing, the kindergarteners right up to 3rd grade are benefiting from more resources. It’s no secret, this school cares about their children.

Currently, Kings Park is led by Dotty Lin, the Principal and Scott Hawk, the Assistant Principal. Their school motto is “Together We Grow” and is evident of a philosophy to encourage a learning environment for students with support from their families, teachers, administration, staff and community. This is inspiring, especially in a time when most kids cannot even follow simple Facebook rules.

Innovations In Education

So, what else is happening in this innovative school district? Kings Park goes as far to have its very own BYOD, or Bring Your Own Devices policy. They understand the importance of integrating technology into their lessons through the use of e-readers, tablets and other devices. However, they also understand the greater importance of offering teachers the flexibility to use the devices that suit them best.

To take it one step further, students have the ability to bring in personally owned devices to school and use them for class, so we hope parents are good at finding the best desktop computer deals. Reminder guys, this is elementary school! It is commendable to school districts like Kings Park being innovative and flexible as the times change. Clearly, they are embracing what works and doing what is best for those who matter most – the students!

Finally, there are many schools that are working hard to make better use of technology within educational classrooms or course work. We should be talking more about them. Because even though we have great Elementary Schools who are creating BYOD policies for their young students, there are high schools that can’t seem to get the ball rolling on choosing the right printers, proper computer availability and accessibility.

Technology Center

Kings Park Technology Center is also leading the field when it comes to technology in education. Local teens visit the Technology Center, located in the town library, to help senior citizens and the tech-inept learn to use technology. The teens visit sporadically and answer questions about computers, help older people learn to use mobile devices, like cell phones, tablets and e-readers. This helps an aging population to keep up to date on the latest technology. In addition, it helps foster community across generations while providing an opportunity for kids to practice and improve their technology skills. Who knows, it may even inspire students to pursue a masters in education. Regardless, this is a hugely beneficial program that many communities could learn from.

High School Science Fair

Yet another area in which the Kings Park School District is leading the way is science. STEM careers are rapidly growing, and students need to be prepared for the future job market by developing these technological skills early. Kings Park Schools are having no difficulty doing just that through the science fair competitions offered. Over 400 students participated in the most recent Kings Park High School science fair, and projects specialized in all different STEM areas, including microparticles. Students practiced self-learning in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physics and even Magnetic Secure Transmissions, or MST. Wow!

So, hat’s off to the Kings Park School District and their faculty and staff, all of whom make great use of their masters in education. We hope you guys continue to do a great job and prepare our future generations for a world of change and excitement! If you agree with this post, please consider sharing it with a family, friend or colleague. It might just help another school district move in the right direction.

Kings Park Schools News

Most recently, Kings Park had been using an electric school sign. This is certainly not quite as exciting as a supercomputer. However, it is a change that needed to be made. The sign was damaged by 10 youths who were caught on camera. Once again, the school district is using technology. However, this time it might be to teach students a new lesson outside the classroom.

Image from http://www.fcps.edu/KingsParkES/index.htm

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