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Kirby Reviews Suck But Best Vacuum Cleans Up Better Than Competition


Kirby is an American manufacturer of vacuum cleaners based in Ohio. The company has been in business for over 100 years, and exclusively sells its product via authorized distributors through door to door sales. Kirby reviews are overwhelmingly poor, but not for the product itself. It is the method by which they sell their product that gives poor Kirby reviews. Here is what you should know:

It Is A Long Sales Pitch

Kirby reviews almost always mention the sales pitch, which is reported to be very long. Some reviewers stated it was around 2 hours, which seems to be the average. That is pretty long considering you can listen to Pandora for 2 hours with skullcandy headphones and just relax. However, some consumers said the in-house demonstration lasted over four hours. A long sales pitch can be overwhelming, causing people to agree to purchase just to end the demonstration. Modern marketing plans use what is called “the elevator sales pitch” – meaning a seller needs to be able to market their product or idea in the time it takes to share an elevator with a potential investor or buyer. It is interesting to note that Kirby went for the far other end of the spectrum, and Kirby reviews definitely point this out.

The Elderly Can Be Easy Targets

Generally speaking, the elderly spend more time at home than middle age families because they are retired from the workforce. This gives sellers an opportunity to target elderly consumers. Many Kirby reviews appear to be written by elderly customers that feel they were taken advantage of by Kirby sales tactics when they were just trying to watch TV.

Door To Door Selling Is An Aggressive Field

Door to door selling can be a grueling job for a salesperson. It involves cold calling on people’s homes without an appointment, often resulting in angry interactions with a homeowner. Oftentimes, the best hours to reach families is around dinner time. Many customers do not appreciate being approached with a sales pitch while trying to eat with their family, but the salesperson must persist.

Due to the nature of the business, in that workers often rely on sales to make their salary, it is no surprise that salespeople are often considered pushy. They won’t take no for an answer because their pay may depend on selling a set number of products in a given time frame. This forces some salespeople to trick homeowners with a demonstration that turns into a sales pitch. Or, the visit could be masked as a survey that turns into a sales call. Door to door selling is an aggressive field, which many Kirby reviews and twitter mentions criticize.

It Is Difficult To Cancel A Sale

Kirby reviews are poor when it comes to the sales pitch, but also the process after the sale. Some reviews complain that the customers attempted to cancel the sale shortly after the pitch, but were unable to do so. Kirby reviews state customers felt they were tricked into a contract before fully understanding what they were signing, which is troubling. Considering how long the sales pitch is, some people may agree to a sale of their breakable technology just to get a salesperson out of the house. Kirby reviews indicate this may be a dangerous strategy, considering how difficult it may be to cancel a sale.

The Kirby Product Is Actually Decent

Despite Kirby reviews being overwhelmingly poor, they are focused primarily on the experience potential customers had with the sales pitch. Reviews of the Kirby vacuum are actually decent like new modern integer computers. The multipurpose vacuum is manufactured in the United States, which is uncommon today. It is made of primarily metal components, which Kirby claims will make it last much longer than other vacuum cleaners. The product is sold as “the Porsche of vacuums” due to its high price tag and multi-function design. The company maintains an excellent rating on the Better Business Bureau because its product is fine, despite negative Kirby reviews about its door to door sales strategy.

Kirby Accessories

The Kirby vacuum has optional accessories you can purchase as well. This may make the sales pitch even longer. However, they are great tools you may want to consider buying. In addition to Kirby vacuums, you can buy the Kirby carpet shampoo system. There is also the floor care system, the turbo accessory system and the Zipp brush. If you do choose to buy a Kirby vacuum, you may want to consider these additional accessories.

Kirby vs. Dyson Test

Interesting enough, when compared to one of the top vacuums, the Kirby won in performance. To see which vacuum was better at picking up dirt, the Kirby machine was able to pick up dirt that the Dyson vacuum had left behind. Furthermore, it had less issues with clogging, a better airflow and suction overall. The product is clearly a quality one.

Kirby reviews may need to be taken with a grain of salt, given the focus on Kirby’s sales practices rather than its products. It is unfortunate that Kirby chose to use an aggressive door to door sales strategy (given that most consumers do not enjoy this type of sales pitch), but that maybe should not tarnish the reputation of their product. Perhaps if Kirby decides to leave the door to door sales field and sell to the public via standard retail stores or using internet marketing Kirby reviews may change for the better.

Working For Kirby

Kirby reviews from workers seem to be a bit better than the reviews of Kirby users. If you are a salesperson or are looking to get started in that career, working for Kirby may be a decent gig. Reviews from workers say that as long as you can provide great customer service and do not mind working long hours, this may be the job for you. The Kirby offices have a fun and positive office environment that workers enjoy. These Kirby reviews may be interesting to prospective buyers looking for some cool tech. It is good to know the company you are giving business too treats their workers just as well as they treat their customers.

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