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Why New Hearable Technology Gadgets Offer Exciting Future Possibilities


The last few years have produced an explosion of wearable technology. From the Fitbit to Google Glass to the Apple Watch, today’s consumers have an exciting range of options (referred to as “wearables”) to experience. In fact, the wearable revolution has only begun – the possibilities for the future appear to be even more varied, useful, and convenient than ever. One of the top examples is the “hearable,” a term used to describe wearable technology worn in, on, or around the ear.

The First Wearable Technology

Hearables were the first technology that people could utilize by wearing them. Does this surprise you? If it does, then consider the hearing aid, which relies on advanced technology to serve those with hearing loss. Hearing aids were in use long before other types of modern hearable and wearable technologies were invented. In addition to being at the forefront of the wearables movement, the technology used to make hearing aids possible has been continually improved over time. All of this means that hearing aid technology is truly the reigning leader in wearables.

Evolution of Hearable Technology

While hearing aids are always being improved upon to make them increasingly indispensable to people with impaired hearing, another marketing movement has been underway for some time. The latest trend in wearables is hearables for consumers who haven’t necessarily experienced hearing loss who are currently using on ear headphones. The potential for putting this type of wearable to good use seems wide open – but for now, the focus of industry manufacturers seems to be primarily on hearables used to improve fitness training.

Companies are now beginning to develop prototypes to assist people during their workouts. Hearables may soon be the most common devices used to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate as you work out at home or at the gym. Some of these products may even be designed to offer advice based on your heart rate and blood flow at any given time; this will enable you to achieve an optimal workout every time you wear such a device.

Hearable Technology Features

Hearable tech has a ton of useful features that provide advantages to all different types of people, even more so than the best Filesync. Some of the features most commonly seen in hearable tech gadgets include vital signs, activity tracking, biometric personal identification, augmented hearing, translating and layered listening. The features available in hearable gadgets are obviously quite numerous. Find out how these features offer important advantages to certain users below.

Key Benefits

What makes hearables so appealing to consumers? One of the top benefits of this type of technology is accuracy. The location of a hearable – such as on the ear – ensures a level of accuracy that may not be enjoyed by someone who is wearing a device meant for the eyes or the wrist.

Another major benefit of hearables is the fact that they are less obvious in appearance than other devices. Ear buds and headsets have existed for decades, which makes them a more discreet choice than a device such as Google Glass. Soon, many consumers may even wear “smart earrings” to monitor their vital signs for fitness purposes.

People with hearing loss have much better technology to utilize than in the past – and this technology will likely continue to evolve. Now, even people with perfect hearing can benefit from hearable technology. In the future, hearables could be used to perform functions that we cannot even imagine today, and may even have applications to improve some of the best dating apps.

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