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Mac VS PC Debate: Which Operating System Is The Best For Users?

Lenovo Thinkpad x100eAs I was reading on Twitter today, I stopped at a tweet by Andrew Ford, an expert on marketing strategy and personal branding. He was wondering if he can go back to a regular PC from a Mac after so long. After my PC vs Mac T-shirt post yesterday, I thought this would be a nice follow up.

Andrew will be posting his results about making the switch back to PC and we, at, look forward to hearing from him. For any person working in media, your PC is your most valuable asset. Once you’re comfortable, it’s hard to make the switch.

Mac vs PC Operating System

The hardest part about making the switch of any technology is software, unless you plan on overclocking CPU. In that case, you would probably want to worry more about the hardware. The biggest difference between PC and Mac is the operating system. The first thing anyone will miss about a given operating system is the following:

  • Memorized shortcuts
  • Printer settings
  • Your files! (Hopefully, you’re using dropbox to sync everything up).

Lenovo knows that switching technology is difficult and have given Andrew a laptop to convert him over to the PC side. Although, Lenovo has a long track record with laptops dating back to the ThinkPad, Andrew loves his Mac.

Best Purchase? Mac vs PC

Some shoppers do not care what operating system they have grown accustomed to, they just want the best computer on the market. However, it is hard to compare apples and oranges, or in this case, Apples and Windows. If you are in the field of design, or another artistic field, a Mac is going to be your best choice. Other than that, the Mac vs PC debate really just comes down to preference. Thankfully, you can still use Microsoft Office Online, no matter which side you choose.

Remember GUI Computing?

Technically, Apple was the first to start the operating system race. The Apple Macintosh was the first GUI computer to have a graphical user interface (GUI) and a mouse. Today, they both have great user interfaces, but you might be leaning towards the company that actually invented it first. Although the PC was not far behind, the Mac wins on experience by getting started first. However, the Windows 10 updates may make this advantage a thing of the past.

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