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What Live Streaming Platforms Offer For Content Entertainment

With the ever looming presence of the internet, live streaming is a fast expanding media powerhouse. Like the name implies, live streaming is the process of broadcasting videos in real time, both recorded content and real time events. People are cutting the cord in increasing numbers and turning to live streaming platforms for new content. As an avid consumer of media, it can be a daunting task to comb through the internet for entertainment. In this article, we will discuss what content is available on live streaming platforms.


In recent years, news channels have increased their online presence by offering live streaming of their content. If you are interested in watching news apart from television channels and site, there are news apps like TMOnews that consolidate these news channels. These apps are available on various hardware platforms. Based on your preferences you can select apps that stream local news, make personalized headlines for you, or offer daily created content. Whether you want to learn about new updates on politics, technology, or sports there is a site or app that will keep you on track.


The video game industry has exploded in the last decade, moving from the realm of geeks and nerds to mainstream pop culture. Gaming live streaming has become extremely popular in a short span. Popular streamers broadcast themselves playing games, while also interacting and speaking with their viewers. Researchers speculate that gaming live streaming has become so popular because it changes the viewers’ framework on games, turning the game from a single player to spectator experience. For virtually every game that exists, there is a built in audience that is interested in content on many gaming websites. Gaming live streaming offers potential for a community for the viewer to discuss their favorite games.


Because cooking and eating food is such an integral part of the human experience, there is a huge audience for cooking content. Chefs of all skill levels are taking advantage of live streaming platforms to develop a following. There is a certain level of intimacy that comes with watching someone cook a meal. On the other side of the coin, there are entire live streaming sites dedicated to watching people eat. This is known as social eating or Mukbang. Mukbang is a Korean word which means eating room. People enjoy watching food streams because it provides a voyeuristic sense of pleasure, as well as a feeling of connection to the streamer.


Corporations and websites have begun to tap into the popularity of sports by offering live streaming of sporting events. Buying tickets or purchasing pay per view for sporting events is costly and time consuming. Live streaming of sporting events is convenient and is a good alternative to traditional televised viewing. Larger teams and franchises that recognize their online viewership are upgrading their networks to reach a larger audience. Football, baseball, and soccer draw in massive viewer numbers.


Vlogging arguably makes up the bulk of live streaming content online. Starting a video blog is so popular because it is versatile and feels personal. Vloggers can live stream about anything, which makes them highly marketable. Viewers feel as if they have a connection to the vlogger, in short they develop a parasocial relationship. Vloggers often develop huge followings due to this interaction. In essence they are marketing themselves, which makes content natural and easy to produce. Viewers buy into the personality of the vlogger, they continue to watch to maintain that feeling of personal connection.

Live streaming is constantly growing to encompass new interests and hobbies. If you just look for something you enjoy, chances are you can find a live streaming platform that caters to you. You may also find completely unexpected content that you enjoy! If you’ve never watched live streams before, try watching a few live streams of your interests. If you’re familiar with live streaming, explore! Life is too short not to find new and exciting forms of entertainment.

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