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6 Accounting Software For Small Business Success

Timberline Accounting Software was developed by Timberline Estimating, now known as Sage Estimating, for a series of construction business solution software. Today, that same Timberline Accounting Software can be purchased in a package of construction management software. However, the cost of Sage software is not ideal for smaller businesses. If you are a start-up construction company, or if you just want to keep operation costs down, Sage Timberline Accounting Software may not be for you. Thankfully, there is a variety of alternatives available with features for client communication. If you are interested in learning more about the accounting software available for your business, keep reading.


LessAccounting is designed for small businesses. Specifically, this cool tech accounting software solution is for businesses spending less than $40,000 per month. If you fall into that category, LessAccounting could be a great alternative to Timberline Accounting Software. The first major benefit to this service is that it costs just $20-$56 per month for unlimited users and transactions. With LessAccounting, you can simplify your business with easy ways to organize your expenses. You can easily track your digital media marketing expenses and your sales costs. LessAccounting also provides you with ways to record your business spending, as well as send and receive invoices. If you are a small contractor in the construction world, LessAccounting may be the perfect alternative to Timberline Accounting Software.


Intacct is a cloud based accounting solution. It offers features for reporting, forecasting, performance management and invoicing. These features are an addition to the already stellar core accounting tools. The software is one of the most eco-friendly apps, as it will help you cut down on unnecessary paper waste. Intacct is built on the Oracle database. It is also easily accessible through any web browser. This makes it super convenient if you work on multiple devices. If you want an easily accessible cloud based accounting software, consider Intacct.


BIS stands for the Builder Information System. BIS is the leading construction accounting software in the industry. BIS is celebrated for its easy-to-use interface and automatic updates. Unlike Sage Timberline Accounting Software, you can learn how to use BIS in no time. Enjoy real-time updates on your digital banking accounts and reports alongside unlimited archives of fiscal years. Additionally, BIS is known for its excellent customer support and training services. Allow your employees to learn the ins and outs of this accounting software so that your business can flourish. If you are looking for an accounting software that offers real-time accounting, document handling and much more for you and your employees, you will love the Builder Information System.


BuilderStorm is a web-based construction project management suite. This system is designed to work with a wide variety of construction industry segments. From landscaping to highway contractors, BuilderStorm is designed to offer you a multiude of business solutions. In addition to standard project management models, BuilderStorm has an extensive accounting application. With BuilderStorm accounting, you can utilize features such as job costing, time billing, infographic tools and purchase order capabilities, among other things. If you are in need of a management suite featuring an accounting service that rivals the more expensive Timberline Accounting Software, BuilderStorm is for you.


FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software for small business available this year however, it is not only for construction business use. The software is particularly good for sole proprietors, but everyone can take advantage of its useful time tracking features. This finance software also provides additional features for payroll, client communication and vendor portals and inventory tracking. They also provide training and live support for those business owners that are less tech savvy. If you want to try one of the top accounting apps for those that are less tech literate, consider FreshBooks.

Online Solutions

Furthermore, small businesses greatly benefit from investing in online accounting software solutions. Then, they can reap the benefits that digital systems offer. Some of the best features offered include 24/7 chat support and integrations with popular platforms. Some even work well with the top finance apps. Keep this in mind when choosing an accounting software system.

Although Sage Timberline Accounting Software is a top rated service, it may not be right for everyone. You need to determine your needs before choosing a solution. You may need to make Chase payments or you may need 24/7 support. If you need simple and inexpensive ways to manage your construction company’s cash, consider one of these alternatives. They can offer the same accounting tools as Timberline Accounting Software. If you have any other suggestions for good construction accounting software, let us know what they are in the comments below.

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