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6 Cool Luxury Cars Technology Features For Ultimate Driving Safety

Luxury cars are taking a turn in the market today. Instead of lamb’s wool floor mats and granite trimmed consoles, high end car manufacturers are turning to new technology to give their vehicles a little something special. Companies like Tesla and Audi are changing the way luxury cars are made by developing high tech features that everyone wants. To find out more about some of the top technology features found in luxury cars, keep reading below.

Pedestrian Protections

Pedestrian protections are some of the best uses of technology in luxury cars. Now, these features are even available in more mid-range cars, like the Toyota Prius. This technology allows the car to detect when a pedestrian is in the way, and sounds both an audio and a visual warning to the driver. It also sounds these same alarms outside of the car if the technology detects the pedestrian is distracted too. This is an incredible piece of safety technology that is sure to improve anyone’s driving experience on abbey roads and everywhere else.


The entertainment systems are one of the primary selling points of these luxury systems. From in-bed speaker systems to infotainment with the best headphones, these cars make technology more accessible. With app integration and systems like Apple CarPlay, you can enjoy hands free operation of your devices. Who said that driving has to be boring? With this type of technology, you can enjoy your ride in style.

Hybrid Engines

Hybrid and electric cars are on the rise, especially in the higher end market. Companies like BMW are proving that hybrid can provide power and efficiency. Even Porsche has joined the market with a hybrid engine. Green car technology is continually advancing, and luxury cars are the first on the scene. These high tech developments are taking high end vehicles to a whole new level.

Temperature Control

While the average vehicle has heat and air conditioning (hopefully!), luxury cars are coming out with much more. For example, cooling seats are making headway in the market alongside the traditional heated seats. However, the technology does not stop there. Currently, Acura offers a GPS-linked climate control system to maximize passenger comfort. Who wants to fiddle with the heat on a long road trip when you can just use their voice controlled system? This is certainly a luxury use of GPS technology not afforded by traditional car gadgets.

Car Cameras

Car cameras may be making their way down to traditional consumer vehicles. However, luxury cars are finding new and better ways to utilize these tech features. Back up cameras are becoming a staple in the market today which make kid tracking safer. However, cars like the Cadillac CT 6 utilize anti-theft sensors to trigger 360 degree view cameras. This will allow your car to capture an image of thieves and even hit-and-run footage. Luxury cars are continuing to use technology to provide consumers with useful features that improve their safety on and off of the road.


Finally, auto-pilot is a major technology development in the luxury vehicle market. Tesla is ahead of the game with their system, but other brands are looking to catch up. In general, more and more high end cars are finding new ways to improve the safety of their drivers. Whether it be blind zone alerts, automatic brakes or potential collision sensors, these cars are utilizing technology to the fullest.

Luxury cars are using technology to make their vehicles smarter, better and more comfortable for their passengers. We are far removed from the days where telecommunications technology in a car is the most exciting automotive feature out. If you are on the market for a new high end car, you should keep an eye out for these various technology features. Whether you want the latest in vehicle entertainment or the ultimate in safety and protection, luxury cars will not let you down.

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