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Best Mac Accessories To Personalize And Protect Your New Macbook


If you are entering your first year of college, you must have a lot on your mind, and even more to ask Googlex. However, it is important to make sure not to let technology slip through the cracks while you are worrying about how much stuff you can pack into your dad’s station wagon. Choosing the right accessories for your Mac can make your college experience a lot easier. For a list of must-have Mac accessories you need to add to your packing list, keep reading below!

Laptop Sleeve

Keeping your Mac protected from the elements is essential when you will be trudging across campus in all kinds of weather. After all, they are not nearly as sturdy as Toughbooks. The best Mac accessory for the job is a laptop sleeve. There are hundreds of laptop sleeve brands available on the market. If you want to go for quality, find something shock absorbent or water proof. For a cheaper option, Amazon has a variety of colorful laptop sleeves to choose from for under $20. No matter what you choose, a laptop sleeve will help keep your Mac safe. Make sure you pick one up before you ship out to college – they can be especially helpful in protecting your Mac during the move-in process!

Privoo Webcam Cover

The Privoo Webcam Cover is a must have for all laptop users. If Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam to protect himself from hackers, so should you. There are far too many webcam backdoors for hackers to take advantage of, including on your PSP 2000. Protect yourself by getting a Privoo webcam cover for just under $7. This is the only way to ensure that “what happens in college, stays in college.” Buy this web cam cover to keep your privacy in tact, no matter where you are.


Headphones are the key to being a good roommate. This accessory is absolutely essential for any incoming college student, whether you plan on completing Coding Academy classes at night or just watching Star Trek movies. Make sure that you buy a sturdy pair that will last throughout the year, not those flimsy earphones that get tangled in your pockets. Headphones will help you stay focused in the library, let you watch Netflix while your roommate is sleeping and give you a chance to relax with some of your favorite tunes on lazy days. Make sure that you choose a pair that fits your needs and style. For help in finding the best and most comfortable headphones for you, check out our top 5 picks here!

External Hard Drive

Another must-have for any college student is an external hard drive. This is especially true for digital camera uses, if you have a lot of photos to save. You may have heard horror stories about unsaved term papers and lost homework. Do not let that happen to you. Instead, get an external hard drive. If your computer crashes or gets stolen, this useful Mac accessory has your back. An external hard drive will allow you to back up all of your files in a separate space, so that you have them available in case of an emergency. You can find external hard drives of all sizes available, but we suggest heading directly to the Apple store for this device. That way, you know it is compatible with your laptop.

Satechi USB 3.0 Hub

The USB hub and card reader offered by Satechi is a must have Mac accessory for users of all kinds. This Mac gadget adds three additional USB ports, in addition to providing slots for SD and Micro SD cards. The Satechi USB hub only costs $30, which is well worth it. You are going to need to be connecting lots of devices to your laptop or desktop Mac, so make sure you consider purchasing a USB hub like the one offered by Satechi before spending more money on your NBA general manager app purchases.

Laptop Desk

The final thing you should add to your packing list is a laptop desk for when you need to log on for refilling JagTag funds. Out of all of the Mac accessories we have suggested, this one is the only optional item. Some people prefer to work at an actual desk, but if you tend to do homework in bed, this is definitely a must-have for you. A flat surface to work on will help relieve wrist strain when typing, allowing you to keep plugging away at important research. A laptop desk will provide you with the perfect combination of productivity and comfort, so you can feel well-rested even after pulling an all-nighter.

Photo Editing Console

If you are majoring in photography, or are just very passionate about the hobby, a Loupedeck Photo Editing Console is the perfect Mac accessory for your laptop if you already have a wireless printer. The console costs a hefty $244 however, its useful buttons, dials and switches allow you to customize your laptop to create the fastest, most precise photo editor you have ever worked with. Swap brushes or use the handy vignette dial on this photo editing tool to completely revolutionize your post production abilities.

These Mac accessories are essential for any college student. Keep your laptop protected using a top antispyware program, keep your grades up and keep your roommate happy with these top Mac accessories.

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