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7 Best Macbook Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season

Finding the perfect gift is difficult when you do not even know what to get the person. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can mix personal with practical to give someone the best holiday present ever. If you already have enough Mac accessories for your desktop, Macbook accessories of all shapes, sizes and price ranges could be the perfect answer to your gift giving troubles this year. For the laptop lover in your life, consider one of these many Macbook accessories.

A Customized Skin

If you do not mind putting some extra thought into your present this year, a customized laptop skin could be right for you. There are dozens of websites that allow you to create a personalized skin for someone’s Macbook. Whether you create a collage of pictures you and your best friend have taken together, family photos for Mom or images of all their favorite things, a custom Macbook skin is sure to put a smile on someone’s face, unlike a DNS speed test. The personal touch will show how much you care, and the Macbook accessory will keep their laptop looking stylish.


If you are like most tech-users, you probably have a bunch of gadgets that use USB ports to charge or share data. Unfortunately, Macbooks, especially the Macbook Air, do not have a ton of USB ports for all of your devices. To fix this problem, buy an Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub. This handy Mac accessory features 10 additional USB ports to charge mobile devices or sync them with your laptop, without having to download additional best filesync software. It costs just $40 dollars. So if you have a ton of internet of things smart devices, you should definitely consider it.

Wireless Headphones

Headphones are always a great travel gadgets gift option for Mac users. Whether they are a Pandora music lover or Netflix binger, your family and friends are sure to appreciate a new pair of quality headphones. The wireless aspect can help to make their lives easier, which they will surely notice when they are not getting tangled up anymore. You can even make the gift more personal by choosing headphones that are in their favorite color. Wireless headphones are a practical present, but they are something everyone can enjoy. If you do not know what to get someone this holiday season, consider these useful tech accessories.

An iTunes Gift Card

For a quick gift that you can customize to your budget, consider purchasing an iTunes gift card. Or you can purchase a PayPal gift card to be used on the device’s app store. This is an especially good gift for children and teens. With an iTunes gift card, they can download fun apps or music onto their Macbook all thanks to you! This is the perfect Macbook accessory because it allows them to customize exactly what they want on their laptop. Just because it is a gift card does not mean it is impersonal. The kids will be thrilled that you thought to give them the freedom to buy what they really want.

A Fandom Flash Drive

Another small gift option is a flash drive. At first, this may seem like a boring gift. However, flash drives and USBs can be dressed up to fit any personality or occasion, in addition to storing your html tm code. Whether your boyfriend is into Star Wars, your older sister loves Dr. Who or your best friend is obsessed with zombies, there is a flash drive out there for them. The extra thought you put into what character or design to get them adds a lot to this useful device.

The LandingZone

This Macbook accessory is incredibly useful, but also just really cool. The LandingZone is a dock for your Macbook that you leave on your desk. This desktop dock allows you to leave all of your wires, cables and other tech paraphernalia on your desk neatly arranged for when you need to grab your laptop and run. There is also a LandingZone 2.0 PRO version that includes additional pass through ports and even a security slot by Kensington. Prices start at just under fifty dollars, and we certainly think it is worth it.

Macbook accessories are a great place to turn when you do not know what kind of gift to give this year. You can personalize just about anything for their laptop. Remember to keep an eye out for these kinds of Macbook accessories and more, like fun story telling software, when you are shopping for the holidays.

Travel Case

A travel case is great for any Mac user on the go. Cases can provide identity theft protection by keeping your Macbook data and information enclosed. There are hundreds of cases for all Macbook devices. You can get designs such as no-nonsense slim, rugged carry-all or distinguished leather cases. Not only will the case protect your Macbook, it can be used to show your style. Of course, buy a case type depending on where the Macbook travels. This includes heavy duty cases for international travel or plush cases for walking to class. Certainly, travel cases are a great Macbook accessory to gift a loved one today.

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