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Das Keyboard 4 Professional VS Ultimate Editions: What’s The Difference?


The Das Keyboard line by Metadot features a series of computer keyboards that are designed to meet unique user needs, just as the BASICS wallet did. Since its beginning in 2005, the Das Keyboard line has grown exponentially. Today, there are 9 specialized keyboards on the market. If you are interested in buying a Das Keyboard, it is important that you do your research to find out which model is right for you. To find out more about the key features and differences between each Das Keyboard product, keep reading below.

Professional VS Ultimate

All Das keyboards currently come in two versions: Professional or Ultimate, just like Atrion services. The unique features for each version will likely play a large part in the type of keyboard you choose. The Professional version of Das Keyboards is equipped with laser-etched keycaps to prevent fading, while the Ultimate version has no labeling on the keycaps at all. Metadot’s Ultimate keyboard line is designed for hackers who want to rely strictly on muscle memory when it comes to typing. Additionally, the Ultimate version eliminates the need to rearrange keycaps for alternate keyboard layouts. With these blank ones, you can change the keys around, or work on improving your typing skills. However, for those who want the option to peek and make sure their fingers are in the right place, the Professional version of these keyboards is fully equipped.

Windows VS Mac

Das Keyboard 4 and Model S are made for both Windows and Mac computers. No matter what operating system you have, you can type your filler text using one of these awesome gadgets. The Mac Versions feature Mac-specific modifiers and key functions that were previously missing on older, Windows-centric versions of the devices. While the Ultimate keyboard is limited to Windows, Mac users can still enjoy the blank keycaps by purchasing blank covers from the Das website. Additionally, although there are versions now made especially for Mac devices, all Das Keyboard products can be used with multiple operating systems. However, if you have a Mac, it is good to know what you can purchase a keyboard that is specially made to work with your computer.

Clicky VS Silent

The first Das Keyboard was originally created to bring back the pleasure of an audible soundwire keyboard experience. Mechanical keyboards provide a special auditory and tactile experience for the users, and Metadot set out to improve upon it. Their intent was to bring back the “feel” of the keys, and they succeeded. The first few versions of Das Keyboard were a success. Now however, they have expanded and added even more options for keyboard users with specific interests. Das Keyboard now features “Clicky” and “Silent” versions of its products. The Clicky versions are designed for people who want to hear that satisfying sound as they type, while the silent version is for those who are simply interested in the tactile touch-feel. For a more muted sound, go with the silent version.

Cheap VS Expensive

Another important thing to consider when choosing your keyboard is the cost. Metadot may meet all of your keyboard needs, but it comes at a price. These high-end tech accessories range between $100 and $170. Consider how much you are willing to spend on a mechanical keyboard. You may find that you can get by with a more compact keyboard in order to save money, or you may choose to splurge to get exactly what you want.

Das Keyboard 5Q

The latest Das Keyboard recently released a Kickstarter campaign that earned $580,902 from backers to help make the project a reality. This soon to be released Das Keyboard is only available for pre-order right now. However, the cloud connected keyboard from DAS promises to be one of their best. The new Das Keyboard 5Q is cloud connected, and offers open API and RGB mechanical features that allow users to control each key color over the internet. This high-performance mechanical RGB keyboard with cloud connectivity offers Gamma Zulu RGB Switches, REST API to control light settings and RTO analog electronics. It also has USB ports, if you ever need to plug in a flash drive or another device. If you are a techie, this new Das Keyboard is the ultimate tech gadget for your wish list.

Das Keyboard 4

The Das Keyboard 4 comes in three different versions – Professional, Ultimate and Professional for Mac. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional editions come with laser etched key caps. The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate edition does not. Instead it has blank keycaps. That is the only difference between the Das Professional keyboards and the Das Ultimate keyboards. If you are considering purchasing one, this is an important thing to remember.

What is latency? With a Das Keyboard, you will never have to worry about learning the answer to that question. The Das Keyboard line is full of features that can improve your typing experience. If you are willing to invest in the hours per day you spend typing, you may want to consider buying one of these keyboards. Deciding upon these four key features can help you choose the perfect fit.

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