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5 Methods For Opening Zip Files On Any Device

Zip files are used to send large folders that may contain several documents and directories. Although there are many types of lossless data compression formats, the ZIP file format is the most popularly used by private and public sectors. Especially for personal use, Zip files are an efficient way to compress data for storage or sharing. If you have received a file ending in .zip from someone else, you would also need to extract the compressed information to access the files. To help you with opening zip files, we will explain methods used on the most popular devices.

Windows Desktop PC

Opening zip files on a desktop PC is relatively easy. Many Windows operating systems have this feature enabled by default. You can open zip files on systems as old as Windows 2003 and earlier. Even with all the desktop computer deals, it’s even simpler to open zip files on Windows 10. Simply, to “un-zip” a file, right click on the file and click “Extract All…” which will prompt you to choose a destination. You can choose a destination in the current directory or somewhere else on your computer like the Downloads or Desktop folders. Then, navigate to that folder location and you will find all the extracted files within the zip file.

Mac OSx Systems

On Macbooks and iMacs, the process of opening zip files is even more straight forward. Although the .zip file format was made popular by Windows distribution, Mac computers make it simple to open these folders. First, locate the file. Then, you double click the file and the contents will be automatically extracted within the current directory. After opening the zip folder, you can easily move the folder to any destination on the computer or prepare to share with others. Opening zip folders on a mac is simple and easy to do.

Online Zip File Openers

Of course, you can find websites that will unzip files for free. This could be ideal for unzipping small files. However, individuals should be careful with the contents of the file. Any information that is uploaded to a third party site may get compromised. Some authentication sites are very strongly protected. You would have to trust the online service to not only store your file online securely, but also provide you with the extracted zip folder un-compromised. Opening zip files online is as simple as uploading your file and submitting it to be extracted. Then, you can download the file and access it on your local system. While online zip file openers are free, they should be used with caution.

iPhone And iPad

Next, the iOS operating environment offers the ability to open zip files. Often times, you can simply view attachments of .zip files within email or safari. To actually extract and work on the zipped file, you will need a third party app. This can be an app for work that supports the zipped document original format like Microsoft Word or Excel. Or, you can use a complete zip opening app. When you are ready to open a zip file on your iPhone, simply click on the share button and then choose which application that you would like to use. This makes the opening of zip files on iPhone or iPad possible.

Android Phones And Tablets

Similar to iOS, you will need the assistance of third party apps to open zip files on Android. In this case, you can download a zip file management app from the Google Play store. These apps can be found for free. Once downloaded, navigate to your system folders. Here, you will find all the folders and files on your device. Locate the zip file that you would like to open. Then, you can either view or extract the zip file. Following these steps, you should have no issues opening zip files on Android devices.

Opening zip files is doable on many of today’s popular devices. You can use your PC or Mac computer. Or, you can extract files online. Additionally, if you are on the go, zip files can open on your iOS and Android devices too. Whatever method you prefer, follow the simple steps to open compressed files on your device.

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