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4 Upcoming Microsoft Office 2019 Features To Get Excited About

It is getting more intense while waiting for the release of Microsoft Office 2019. Many people especially businessmen are also excited to see what might be the new features that will be packed into this brand new version. They remained silent but it doesn’t stop users to keep on digging information of what might pop up in this new version.

Introducing Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft can offer a whole lot more. For this version of Office, Microsoft uses the term “perpetual” to describe this app. This one is extra special, especially for those who really invest a lot in upgrading their Office. With this latest office version, you will only have a one-time payment to have a full access on the app. If ever Microsoft schedule some upgrades or office updates for Mac, it will be considered free because the first payment will cover everything. You use the suite as long as you want with fully upgraded features and tools.

Microsoft will release the new software before the end of this year. Well, according to some speculations, Office 2019 can be the best cloud-based software you can ever have.

What To Expect From Office 2019?

In the past few months, researching for reports and gathering details for this app has been tough and tight. You may assume but you really cannot anticipate the complete details for Office 2019. Now, the long wait is over. Microsoft finally gave some fascinating and exciting features listed below:

It Will Make Work Easier

For those who prefer using digital pens, this Office is something you will surely love. New inking functionalities were added to system. When you download Microsoft Word, you can start writing notes and pinpoint important details on your device’s screen in real time. You can also collect pens here. You can choose from a variety of pencils, pens, highlighters that you can save and personalize.

There will be a word translator and focus mode for Word. It is also more accessible and making customize office ribbons is also possible.

It Can Execute Better Data Analysis

Automated data analysis is better than doing it manually. Aside from saving your time, it will also give you exact and more accurate result. Excel will not just give you quick results. It will make your data well ordered and easier to manage. In Office 2019, there will be a funnel chart that you can use to illustrate different stages when it comes to sales.

Together with this is a 2D map which can also represent data in a more presentable form. Microsoft wants Excel to produce data just like their own Power BI. Power BI is another app from Microsoft which gives business analytic services.  In other words, if Excel is always your choice, this upgrade will make it crazy.

It Will Produce More Expressive Content

PowerPoint is one of the most used and recommended presentation apps today. To pace and fit in all other fields, Microsoft tries to make PowerPoint more advanced and flexible in addition to the Windows 10 updates. There will be a morph transition of slides to make a smooth animation-type of presentation.

You can also start adding icons and 3D models to add more digital representation of data. The most complex upgrade on this one is the roaming pencil case. This will automatically make the presentation more personalized and manageable.

It Can Organize Emails In A More Efficient Way

For Outlook users, Office 2019 will make managing emails a lot easier. As stated in the latest report, Microsoft includes @mentions in the Outlook inbox. There will be a Focused inbox that will divide your inbox in two different tabs. You can choose which messages to put in the Focused inbox and move the pointless messages on the other tab.

They also add travel and delivery summary cards to see the most recent email on top of your inbox. New email templates are also available for you to easily contact your associates.

Office 2019 Is Coming

Microsoft is about to take the spotlight with its newest productivity suite. As time pass by, the level of curiosity and excitement while waiting for the release is getting higher and higher. It’s really good to know that, Microsoft is still giving valuable updates in their products to satisfy their customers. In the next few months, you will discover new advanced features of Office 2019 and a whole lot more.

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