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Office Update Mac Download Guide To Avoid Software File Corruption

Microsoft-Office-mac-imageIf you have Microsoft office for Mac 2011, then you are probably used to the regular updates provided by Microsoft auto update program, which is common for all of the popular cloud computing companies. You know the drill. Microsoft Word starts taking a long time to open up, edit documents and save. Microsoft Excel becomes extremely sluggish and Power Point just does not open. It is hard to get your work done with just about any word document processor software (by Microsoft). So, you fire up the Microsoft AutoUpdater and low and behold there is a new update.

Problems That May Arise

You decide to run the update, but it says you have to quit Firefox, and maybe Safari, which you are using at the moment too. So, you try to circumvent the installation by opening up Firefox again after the installation starts, but something is happening where the installation takes a really long time. Realizing that you don’t have the time to do a full long installation, you decide to cancel it or just shut your computer down despite all the warnings they give, to find that your Microsoft office no longer works.

Proper Installation

To anyone running any Microsoft Office Mac updates, do not stop the update, and be sure to follow all instructions very closely just as you would when implementing a dbase system. These updates are very important. And if you do not let the updates install properly, you may have to uninstall your Microsoft office package and reinstall it on the Mac. It is not easy to uninstall Microsoft office off of your Mac. Microsoft provides a good tutorial with over 10 steps of how to do completely remove Microsoft office from your back. It takes a long while.

Avoid The Hassle

The re-installation is another process on top of that, but is it worth all the trouble? Definitely not. In order to avoid having the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling your Mac office 2011 package, simply let updates run the way they should. You may want to set aside about 30 minutes or so to let the updates run smoothly. They will help you maintain a fast working Apple computer, document processing speed and overall productivity.

So, you have been warned. Installing updates like the Microsoft Office 2011 14.4.5 update must be done very carefully. Hopefully, this will save you a bunch of frustration and work to get your Microsoft office back up and running. When it is running, you should see your performance improve too.

Set Up Automatic Checks

In order to prevent all this mayhem, set up your computer to automatically check for Office for Mac updates. It does not take an MCSE certification to figure out how to do it. Turning on Microsoft AutoUpdate makes it easy to guarantee you are always using the latest edition of Microsoft Office. This is the only way to make sure you are taking advantage of the newest computer security tools and features. Make sure to you know how to turn on Microsoft AutoUpdate in order to keep your data safe.

Latest Update News

Since the last Microsoft Office update for Mac, some serious improvements have been made. The first of these improvements is the promised 64-bit support that the company announced back in March. This support is thought to be the beginning set-up for some exciting new features coming soon to the program. The newest Office update mac version also fixed some previous bugs for more stability and improved performance. We will make sure to keep an ear to the ground for the innovative new features 64-bit support is said to be paving the way for, and please be sure to let us know if you hear anything first down in the comments below!

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