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Microsoft Search Server Software Download Guide For Sharepoint Users


Microsoft Search Server is an enterprise search platform that is designed to help users locate files on their Windows system. As technology continues to expand, files multiply and file systems become more complex. Any business that requires a lot of computer storage probably knows the difficulty of locating the right file in a timely manner, as does the average user, like a lawyer looking for those divorce settlements documents they need to print out. This is exactly what Microsoft Search Server promises to solve. With two versions available, full and free, you can use this search center interface for any relevant task. To find out how you can download and install Microsoft Search Server on your computer, keep reading below.

Why Use Microsoft Search Server

Microsoft Search Server users experience a ton of benefits, but the most prominent of these is saved time. Research from Microsoft shows that the average IT professional conducts over 20 searches on the average day. That equates to roughly 9.5 hours a week wasted just trying to find the right information they need to complete a task, according to a recent Windows 10 review. This costs businesses roughly $14,000 per employee/year. If you want to save time and money, downloading Microsoft Search Server can help you do just that.

Step 1: Choose A Version

The first step to downloading Microsoft Search Server for your computer is to determine what version of the program you want. It is probably best to go with the most recent version from 2010 to make sure that it runs as smoothly on your computer as Linkscanner does. Additionally, you should decide if you would like to download the free or full version. If you are willing to pay for the full version, you will have to sign up and input your payment information in addition to following the steps below.

Step 2: Visit Microsoft Site

After you have decided what version you would like to download, you will need to visit the Microsoft site. There, you can find the entirety of search programs available. Just like when you try to download a free SmartFTP program, there is some risk if you do not pick the best source to download from. Make sure that you are on the correct webpage,, so that you do not accidentally download any malicious software.

Step 3: Locate Search Server

Once you have found the correct website, you will need to find the program you want to download, just as you would find the photo you need when trying to convert image to PDF. On the upper righthand corner of the page there is a search bar. There, you can type in the title of the search server you hope to download. A list of relevant results will pop up, but the first one should be the page you are looking for. Click that and continue on to step 4.

Step 4: Check Requirements

The next thing you must do to successfully install Microsoft Search Server for digital asset management is check the system requirements. It is important to ensure that your computer or laptop will be compatible with the program so that it operates correctly. Make sure that your computer or laptop matches all of the necessary specifications before you move on to step 5.

Step 5: Download And Install

After you have read up on the system requirements, it is time to download and install the program. First, you should see an orange “Download” button on the page. Click that and save the file that pops up. Then, when the download is complete you can open the program and begin the installation process. As long as you follow the instructions and read each page carefully you should end up with the perfect search service to find those Brickshelf inspiration files you have been looking for.

Sharepoint Server For Search

Before Microsoft Search Server, the backup software was called Sharepoint Server for Search. The name change did not bring much change to the actual product, thankfully. The program was based on the search capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, thus the name Sharepoint Server for Search was generated. Either way, the services are nearly identical, even with the most recent version of the software, Search Server 2010.

Microsoft Search Server is a great way for those with a lot of files and other computer clutter to navigate through the mess to find those important files they need to iFax. Downloading and installing the program is easy as long as your computer meets the system requirements. Follow the steps above and see for yourself.

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