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What Is The Best Microsoft Teams Features And Benefits?

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to Google Hangouts. It is primarily a platform designed for business customers. It is meant to offer businesses and brands the opportunity to both meet and chat virtually. Below, we will be going over what it is intended to do, some of its features, and some of the benefits of the service.

Who Is It Primarily For?

As noted above, this particular service is meant for businesses of all types. In fact, it can be successfully integrated into any businesses as one of the primary apps for work. It can be especially useful for sales teams, project management teams, customer service, and more. It is going to truly benefit those that need to constantly be communicating and sharing information. Along with this, it is going to allow for better cross communication across different segments of your business to keep everyone much more informed and aware.

Here are the main features of Microsoft teams:


The primary feature that comes equipped with Microsoft Teams is it’s virtually chatting platform. This is essentially Skype on steroids. It offers everything that you would expect from a modern chatting platform and more. Not only are you going to have ongoing chat threads that you can use, but it can offer everything from private discussions, Skype integration, personalization options, and more.

Teamwork Tools

Another feature that you can expect to have with Microsoft Teams is a variety of different teamwork tools that are designed to boost overall productivity and communication throughout the team. These tools include having Office 365 built into the platform, Microsoft Graph, and more. Along with this, the platform itself is fully designed to work across all sorts of platforms and devices. Therefore, it won’t require a specific platform to utilize the various features.


The security of the platform is as you would expect from Microsoft. Microsoft is consistently offering some of the most secure platforms and Microsoft Teams is no different. with Microsoft Teams, you are going to get full data encryption and Microsoft’s well-regarded protection of both customer and user data.

Customization Options

Another feature that you will expect to have with Microsoft Groups is the ability to customize just about everything. You are going to be able to customize the platform to optimize workflow. It can be customized to optimize the way your specific team works. It can even provide 3rd party notifications if that is something that you want fully integrated into your platform.

Here are the benefits of Microsoft Teams:

Save A Lot of Time

One of the significant benefits that you are going to be able to enjoy when you invest Microsoft Teams is the ability to save a considerable amount of time between project management and online apps. Instead of having to constantly switch from app to app to communicate with your team, you are going to be able to have the entire communication streamlined and accessible in one single app. Along with this, you are going to be able to communicate with all of your team members in more ways than one in a single app.


Another benefit that you are going to get with this tool for your business is the ability to have and use the platform on any device that you could want to use it with. Because of this, the entirety of your team is going to have full availability to use this platform no matter what device they are using at all times. This alone is going to make the teamwork tools much more effective because your members are not going to have limited access based on their platform choices.

Free With Office 365

One of the best things about Microsoft Teams is the fact that it comes completely free with an Office 365 subscription. Therefore, you are going to be able to utilize all of the wonderful features of Microsoft Teams without spending any money at all if you are already subscribed. This alone makes it the ideal platform to select for a lot of businesses that already implemented Office 365 into their business.


Another significant benefit that comes with it is the tight integration with Microsoft’s Cloud applications. Because of this, you are going to get a seamless file search, backup, and collaboration.

Overall, there are so many different reasons Microsoft Teams might be the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline communication and data sharing among team members. It can be a great addition for just about any department, and it can even help to maximize the flow of communication between two completely unrelated departments as well. Therefore, it might be something that you look into integrating into your business as it can help to flatten out communication in your business and increase communication efficiency and effectiveness at the same time.

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