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Top 3 Mirapoint Alternatives For Enterprise Email Hosting Solutions


Mirapoint is a black-box email service that provides users with a variety of extra features for their communication needs. In 2012, Mirapoint even announced that they would be launching an archiving solution for their email that would assist companies and organizations in their efforts to comply with record keeping laws. Because of these special features, Mirapoint is a popular email service for businesses and organizations. So what are some of the best Mirapoint features you should know about before developing your IT strategy?

Mirapoint Message Benefits

Mirapoint Message Server offers many benefits in the area of enterprise email. The company offers the lowest TCO of any email platform. In addition, the have a rich web-based client and offer support for mobile clients. Mirapoint Messages is a secure hardened operating system that has no known exploits. If you want to use the service, it definitely is a great choice.

However, there are other options out there for those that value having choices, just like the Siemens c61 alternatives. If you own a business and are interested in finding the best email service available, find out more about some alternatives below.


Outlook Exchange is a popular email service for both businesses and individuals. Developed and run by Microsoft, deciding to create Outlook email accounts offers extensive security and reliability for all of its clients. Unlike Mirapoint, which is focused on appliance-based email security, Outlook utilizes cloud technology to provide unlimited storage for paying business users. If you are considering Outlook, try creating an individual email to test it out for yourself. Outlook is free for individuals, so you can decide if their email service is right for you before you buy. While Mirapoint involves a costly one-time purchase, Outlook is a more manageable expense. Choose between two plans and pay either $4 or $8 per user each month. With the $8 plan you can get unlimited storage, unlike some Mirapoint appliances which clock in at 1TB. Now that you know the benefits of using Outlook Exchange as an alternative, you can make a more informed decision that is better for your business.


Rackspace is another managed cloud service that can be used as an alternative to experience several vertica advantages. Like Mirapoint and Outlook, Rackspace is dedicated to security for their users. In addition to email, Rackspace offers website hosting services, ecommerce solutions and managed databases. The cost of their services will depend upon the needs of your business. This is beneficial. You can customize the plan to fit your budget. Unlike Mirapoint, Rackspace allows you to tailor their services to your business. If you are interested in an email service that performs above and beyond the rest, Rackspace is the service for you.


Zoho is another email hosting site that can provide your business with useful features beyond that of a regular messaging service. Zoho’s clean interface is complimented by its built in anti-spam and anti-virus features. While Mirapoint focuses on offering ironclad protection for your email, Zoho offers security and much more. With Zoho you can create and share documents with your team, access your portal on any mobile device and enjoy simplified group management for your business. If you are in need of an email hosting service that provides you with simple ways to communicate with your employees, this is the service for you. Zoho facilitates a transparent work environment, providing you with all of the tools you need to keep the business on track, much like Oracle applications. Consider Zoho as an alternative to Mirapoint if you are looking for something that does more than just send and receive emails.

Mirapoint Assets Sold

In January 2017, Synchonoss, the company behind Mirapoint, sold its stake in Mirapoint to IceWarp. IceWarp is a company that offers global messaging and collaborations solutions, like other MGCP alternatives. Thankfully, both companies ensured continuity for existing Mirapoint customers. IceWarp has proven successful through dealings with Inmarsat, Oracle Micros, Canon and Toyota. The company is responsible for providing these corporations with modern, intuitive, high-volume email solutions. If you are considering Mirapoint email hosting, you should now look to IceWarp for similar services.

IceWarp Supported Products

In case you were wondering, IceWarp will continue to offer professional services to existing Openwave Messaging customers for Mirapoint products. This includes technical support, situation analysis, data migration and upgrading services. IceWarp supported Mirapoint products include Mirapoint Message Server, Mirapoint ConnectR Outlook Plugin and Mirapoint RazorGate. Thankfully, Mirapoint customers do not have to worry, unlike fans of the old Wintel partnership.

Mirapoint is a good email hosting option for businesses and organizations. However, it is important to shop around to find the host that is truly right for you. If you are sick of using free conference calling as your primary method of communication, you can always find a variety of useful features on any email hosting service. Be sure to focus on your storage needs and, more importantly, what you are willing to pay. Once you have determined this criteria you will be ready to find a suitable alternative to Mirapoint.

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