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How Mobile Apps Can Help Optimize Your Business In 2021

We will be talking about how mobile apps can help optimize your business in 2021. First, we’ll go over some reasons why you need a mobile app for your business and the benefits it will provide. Second, we’ll go over some statistics and forecasts of how big the market is going to be in 2021. And finally, we highly recommend that you talk to a professional or at least do some research on what types of apps may work best for your company before you start developing one because it will save you time and money. In fact, you can potentially also lower your mobile application development costs

Some of the reasons you need a mobile app in your business are to offer more information in less time, have more ways to sell, have more ways to communicate, have better search engine optimization (SEO), and offer additional revenue streams. Mobile apps are becoming very popular in the retail industry because it is very easy for consumers to buy items from their phones or tablets. The same applies to hotels, restaurants, and outdoor businesses such as fashion shops and art galleries.

Mobile app and web design service companies are making a great living as the mobile app market is exploding. According to a report from Mobile Marketing Watch, in 2013 there were 8.5 billion apps downloaded from the iTunes store, and that number is expected to rise by 50% in 2014 with 20 billion downloads by 2017. In 2015, it is estimated that the total app downloads will be over 16 billion.

App Annie tracks over 200 developing countries and has been doing so for several years now, and they have reported that there have been more than 850 million people using smartphone apps outside of China. Their study showed that about 80% of all mobile app revenue comes from users outside of China, Japan, and US. In fact, most of the growth comes from India and Brazil.

Although there’s a lot of room for growth in the mobile app market, some statistics show how big it will be in 2021.

The Value Of Mobile Apps For Businesses Of All Sizes

By 2021, mobile apps will be worth USD 130 billion.

By 2021, mobile apps for businesses will be worth USD 25 billion.

People spend approximately 45 minutes daily on average using their phones. By 2021, that number is expected to increase to an average of over 2 hours daily. This is largely because consumers are getting digital devices earlier and earlier in their lives. For example, people are starting to use smartphones at a younger age than they did 5 years ago and by 2021 they will have started using cell phones by age 12 or 13. The same applies to tablets being used by ages 7 or 8-10 rather than 12 or 13 now. As a result, consumers are spending more time on their devices every day and  mobile app platforms are expanding. With apps becoming more and more important, it is important that you develop a good mobile strategy and plan for your business. Here are some things to consider when developing your own mobile app strategy.

Selection Of The Appropriate Mobile App Type

If you’re having trouble deciding on which type of app to use, you can ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • How much money do I have in my app and smart IT budget?
  • What kind of updates or changes will I need to make in the future?
  • How easy is it for me to create & maintain it myself?

Picking The Right Partner To Help Develop Your App

Make sure your mobile app development partner has experience creating apps for businesses. Note that not all mobile app developers are created equal. Some of them may have a specific app type that works best for your digital technology business needs. If you’re not sure which kind of mobile app is best for your needs, talk to a professional or go on some research first.

Consider What Kind Of App Type You Need

You can make some money from your new mobile application by selling it through apps stores such as Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Amazon Appstore just to name a few. Some people have even made thousands of dollars from apps sales alone! At this time there are hundreds of thousands of apps available on the market just a few years after they were first released.

There are just as many different types of apps as there are ways to use them. The most common types of apps include:

  • Games
  • Social media and networking apps
  • Navigation apps (Google Maps, Waze, etc)

Games are fun and take people’s minds off things for a little bit. They’re also especially great for socializing or even getting family & friends together to do something. However, people tend to overuse games and become addicted to them because they can get pretty frustrating after a while. Because of this you may want to make sure your app is more educational or pure entertainment instead. But if your app does have a little bit of both entertainment and education, then that’s great.

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