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3 Great Mobile Apps To Boost Your Creativity And Productivity

Since Apple first introduced the iPhone back in 2007, smartphones have become a major focus in most people’s lives. This is for good reason; they’re incredible pieces of technology that can do astounding things. Some of the seriously impressive stuff smartphones have been used for include being used to film an entire movie, called Tangerine, which was released in 2015. They also now are used in healthcare to help medical staff diagnose patients even quicker than they would with a desktop computer. This was recently revealed in some of the latest healthcare technology developments.

On top of that, there’s also all the ways they now entertain us. People can use their phones in many different ways to keep boredom at bay. It might be by streaming some of their favorite music during a bus journey. Or, if they’re stuck waiting for an appointment, they can fire up a TV service, and catch part of a show they’re binging. There’s even, for gambling fans, the chance to play fantastic mobile slots wherever they are, as websites, such as Vegas Slots Online, have mastered bringing smartphone users the best free, or real money, mobile slots available. Their carefully picked choices rival the desktop counterparts when it comes to speed, graphics, and game features, allowing users to enjoy it all whilst on the go.

Yet, what if you want to use your smartphone to help flex your creative muscles? Well, thankfully, we’re here to show you some of the greatest types of apps that can help boost your creativity.

Brain-Boosting Apps

One of the most feared feelings for anyone who is trying to use their brain, is the dreaded creative block. It might be a teacher creating their lesson plans, a college professor trying to write an student learning etextbook or a student cramming for their hardest exam. These three situations, and of course many more, can make our brains just want to switch off. Luckily, for those experiencing this horrible sensation, there’s a whole bunch of brain-boosting apps available that are here to save the day.

You can find many of them that are free for both iPhone and Android, and they have become a real hit amongst free-thinkers. Whenever you’re next stuck, load up such an app and they will dazzle you with a huge selection of cards that have hugely helpful written prompts on them. All you have to do is swipe through the many cards, until you find one that sparks you to look at your problem in a whole new light, and breaks down any blocks. Imagine them as your own creativity coach stationed right in your pocket.

Writing Apps

If you have dreams of crafting the next best-selling novel to change the world, yet never seem to have anytime to actually sit down at a desk and write, then it sounds like a writing app will be the perfect match. Most of the best apps in this genre are subscription based, and can cost as much as $5.99 a month, or $49.99 for a year. Of course, there are usually different rates for subscriptions to meet your changing business needs. Whilst that might seem extortionate to some, if you’re serious about your writing it can be great value.

These kinds of apps gift you the freedom to write whenever you have the time, and they’re designed so when you’re using them, you can’t get distracted by the internet or anything else, so it locks you into a creative mode. The interfaces are all beautifully designed, making them a real joy to use, and you can publish your writing directly to WordPress and Medium, so they’re fantastic for blog creators too. They definitely make the hard slog of creative writing a much more pleasant experience. So, grab your best headphones , put on your favorite song and start writing with your writing app.

Drawing Apps

Drawing can be such a freeing way to engage your brain, and allows you to create something using vivid flights of imagination. Smartphones now allow us to channel that creativity and craft an image whenever opportunity strikes, and you don’t have to lug around all your art supplies.

There are many drawing apps out there now that are both straightforward to use, but also have enough on offer to keep you coming back to use it. They’re available be for both Android and Apple idevices, and if that wasn’t enough, many can also be downloaded for free. The finest on offer have everything you’d want for a drawing app, including customizable brushes, differing pen tips, the ability to use layers, and the ever so handy undo/redo buttons.

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