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Top 5 Momentus Apps That Demonstrate Creative, Innovative Design



Momentus Software is a software development company that marries technology and design. Momentus Software offers a variety of services to businesses including hardware integration, product design and app development. If your business is looking to ditch the freelance PHP beginners and work with a creative, innovative company on big projects, Momentus Software may be the right choice. Below are some of their most successful apps, so that you can see the talent and expertise they could bring to your project.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perk App

Auntie Anne’s is America’s favorite pretzel shop. Now, they have an app so that pretzel lovers can receive extra perks every time they purchase a snack. The Auntie Anne’s app is available for both Android and iOS phones. So Momentus has experience in creating apps for both systems. Currently, the Auntie Anne’s app has a 4.1 rating on Google Play, clearly doing a good job at story telling with software. Over half of the users deemed it 5-star worthy, and these are some picky pretzel eaters. Many customers hail the Pretzel Perk app for its aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use design. Auntie Anne’s may raise the standard of snacking, but Momentus raised the standards of app development. If you want an app that will achieve 5-star ratings, consider working with Momentus Software.

Hotel Tonight

Momentus Software does more than just restaurant reward apps. They also run Hotel Tonight, a highly praised travel app. Hotel Tonight was considered one of the top 6 best apps for booking last minute hotel rooms. It was ranked alongside apps like Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and other major players in the industry. According to reviews, Momentus Software created a high-quality, efficient app that provides the best deals for all of your last-minute adventures without having to worry about figuring out IPtables. If you want to get people talking about your business, work with Momentus Software to create an app that everyone will love.

Insta Poker

If your company is looking to develop a gaming app, Momentus Software has the experience you need. Insta Poker is an app dedicated to training poker players. Players can receive coaching from poker pros right on their iPhone or Walmart phones. Whether they are a beginner or an avid player who wants to improve their skills, Momentus Software’s design will work for them. The app is rated 4.5 stars on iTunes and 4 on GooglePlay. Momentus Software packed a ton of information into this training app and made it fun for anyone to use. The app is even available in 9 languages. Anyone can learn to play. If you want an app that is informative, exciting and easy to use, consider working with Momentus.


Wata is a hydration app that helps users keep track of their daily water intake. The app features easy-to-read infographics, unlike Quake Live. This way, users can visualize how much water they have had in the past week, month or even year. Wata connects with other health apps on your phone, as well. Users are able to have all their health information in one easy-to-reach place. The app’s beautiful design includes an intuitive interface. It also has a series of menu items that allow users to track their health. Momentus Software’s water app is visually appealing and incredibly useful. If you want an app like that, consider working with the Momentus Software team.

FitPlan App

One of hottest apps in the healthcare sector according to Techworld, the FitPlan app acts like a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. While the app helps you track your fitness and health activities, the second versions, V2, features tracking and sharing with friends. Look out for this app to be on the rise within this growing category.

Facebook Apps

Momentus also makes Facebook applications now. Due to the rising interest in Facebook applications for e-commerce purposes and more, like photo editing apps, companies need help in the area of application development. Many of them are turning to Momentus Apps. One such company that has used their services is the luxury fashion brand, Coach. If you want to develop a Facebook app, consider working with Momentus.

Customized Apps

In addition to all the big name mobile applications developed by Momentus Software, the company has also produced custom-built apps for business HR purposes. The mobile development company creates customized mobile applications and electronic media to help digitize and streamline business operations. Their mobile app “Peter Millar” is a private file distribution tool custom made for Peter Millar LLC based on the Metrik platform. They have also created the Nordic App, which provides the staff of Nordic Fiberglass with documents, company policies and training materials. If you want to offer similar mobile apps for employees to download, consider doing business with Momentus Software.

With experience in travel, restaurant and gaming apps, Momentus Software is guaranteed to have great ideas for your company, just as they did for eClinical Works. If you are interested in creating an app with quality design, innovative technology and a dedicated team, Momentus Software is the app development service for you. No matter what you need, you can find it with Momentus.

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