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Best Free Cloud Storage Solutions With Android App Accessibility

cloudapp-keyCloud apps are on the rise. Everyone is talking about how the cloud makes everything easy. Last time I checked, clouds meant a rainy day and playing video games. However, nowadays, most people are talking about the digital cloud.

Simply put, the cloud is other servers where you can either store, access or edit information. These are regular servers, but also new upgrades that you can find at supercomputing conferences. They help businesses and individuals link their devices. This way for anyone operating with several pieces of technology, they can easily access information.

Android users have several options for storage cloud apps. Many of them, are now big businesses (or a part of a big business). For basic use, they are all reliable and offer features that you may or may not use. The best way to find what works for you is to try it out yourself. The download and install process is quick. Any testing on your end might take 10 to 30 minutes, but it is usually worth it (as with most technology advancements).


MEGA is a relatively unknown cloud storage solution. However, it is one of the best free cloud storage providers available. MEGA offers 50 GB of free cloud storage. It also provides secure, end-to-end encryption to keep your private files and documents private. You can access MEGA files through any web browser. Or, you can use the MEGA desktop sync client. You can even access your MEGA storage with your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android device or Windows phone. If you want a great free cloud storage solution to access from any device anywhere, MEGA is it.


Founded by ain’t technology user who needed to manage documents between several computers, this is one of the most popular cloud apps for storage. Check out this cool move that Dropbox recently made.


This is another cloud storage company with quality solutions. They service mostly companies with enterprise needs, but may work for you on a personal level too.

Google Drive

If you already use Google Docs, this is the storage app for you. Just like most the other Google products, it goes very nicely with the Google product suite to share, collaborate and store your information. It also provides features that are as comprehensive as the best digital asset management software. That is definitely a considerable advantage.


Here is the Microsoft version. Offering special benefits to Microsoft office files, Android users may also like pricing and space of this drive.

Amazon Drive

Some people consider Amazon the king of the cloud space. They offer a reasonable amount of storage for pictures, documents, music and whatever else you need to save. You can even access the Amazon cloud drive using your Amazon e-readers, which is a huge advantage for book lovers.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft is finally offering a cloud storage solution that is wowing customers. OneDrive offers online editing, file versioning and an app for every platform you could possibly want. If you are looking for the best cloud storage solution app, consider Microsoft OneDrive.

Additional Cloud Apps For Android

There are several other noteworthy storage cloud apps for Android cloud endpoints. A few of them are SugarSync, IDrive and even a Verizon cloud app.

You want to keep in mind that you may want to use paid options at some point. So, when you do get used to a new app, just don’t get too attached (unless you’re willing to pay for the upgrade). The good news is that most cloud storage companies are lowering their prices fast for enterprise solutions. In the meantime, enjoy the free personally use.

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