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The Most In Demand Engineering Jobs In The US Market

If you are looking for a career with a future, you can get a civil engineering degree from Norwich University. According to a recent article, civil engineers are one of the most in-demand professions and the rate of pay is much higher than in other occupations with similar levels of education. Of course, any type of technology-related career in engineering is in demand because of the scope of what they do, so it would do you well to look at a few of the types of engineering jobs currently available before deciding which discipline to focus on.

A Broad View of Engineers in the United States

As of the latest statistics, the average rate of pay for general or software engineers is approximately $42 per hour. That’s median wages, so you can expect to earn much more as you advance your education. Today, engineers are utilizing technology, software and apps to increase the quality of their work. If you invest in these types of degrees and specialized IT knowledge, you will become more valuable in a digitally driven market. For example, someone with a masters in civil engineering could feasibly double that amount of pay because they would almost always be the head engineer on a subsystem project, or at the very least, a team leader on a major project.

Civil Engineers Are the Most in-Demand

You may be wondering why so much emphasis is being placed on civil engineers. This is because civil engineers hold the highest number of engineering jobs in the nation with a total workforce of around 275,000 professionals. Civil engineers ensure that the architectural plans for any project will work based on a number of factors, including location and structural integrity.

Geoengineers Working Side-by-Side with Civil Engineers

Geoengineering is another major focus of civil engineering and these professionals work closely with the lead engineer on any widescale project. A geoengineer ascertains whether or not the project in question will have any negative impacts on the ecology, and if so, they will seek alternatives using a smart grid. The analyze the project management details, utilizing software and technology to ensure approval. It may be that a different location is needed, or it simply could be that the type of materials to be used are not suitable for the land upon which they will be used.

Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Engineers

Next in line within the field of engineering are mechanical engineers who hold approximately 265,000 jobs in the U.S. workforce. While the numbers of employed civil engineers, software engineers and mechanical engineers are within reach of each other, industrial engineers rank third with approximately 230,000 professionals being employed. As you can see, these jobs are all in great demand and each one carries a higher rate of pay than many other professional IT jobs.

Over the past decade, job growth is in the double digits for all fields of engineering, but civil engineering jobs are growing at the highest rate of speed. If President Trump holds true to his campaign promise of revitalizing the nation’s infrastructure, there will come a time when civil engineering will be in crisis just like the medical field. If you are looking for a career with an almost guaranteed future in terms of longevity and salary, civil engineering has great prospects going forward over the next several decades. If there are more than 1.6 million engineering jobs today, in a decade, that number could well reach two million employed engineers. Get that degree so that you are prepared for a future that is surely on the horizon.

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