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The Best Word Document Online Processors That Are Totally Free

Word document processing is one of the most popular software used today. You probably use a word or text processing software in your daily life before using iFax tools to send it where it needs to go. To developers, these programs are called text editors. However, most people will simply preferred to it as a Word or Microsoft Word. The word doc is most popular because of the Microsoft Office Word processing software. It is the most popular document processing system yet.

Text Editing Software’s Dramatic Change

However, the text editor and processing software available have changed dramatically over the years, just like Outlook pst. In the digital industry, we have seen a lots of technology change with the rise of secure enterprise cloud solutions. The large players of the technology market like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others have invested millions into the hardware servers that make up the cloud.

As a result, the word document online market has been flooded. The competition has increased and the solutions are better than before. Most importantly, there is more access available to people looking for work document software.

Today, free is the new normal. People expect software to be free, especially if it is available online. Word document software available online has made it easier for people to collaborate, create and store information.

Top Online Document Programs

There are several options for writing, reading and editing documents online. Until the Microsoft Word software was finally challenged, it was widely used everywhere. Now, Google Docs very popular for viewing editing and sharing online documents. It is integrated with the Google drive and other Google account products. However, Microsoft has responded to Google Docs with their own Microsoft office online products. These do allow you to access Microsoft Word software for free. It is also coupled with Microsoft cloud solutions, OneDrive. Finally if you are looking for a another alternative you can check out Zoho Writer online. It is a business tools solution that is available to all users for free.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is an excellent free solution to create a Word document online or even convert PSD to PDF. This free online word processor offers a minimalist user interface, which makes it incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate. In addition, Zoho word processor features a slew of collaboration tools for cloud-based work. This is an excellent advantage if you plan to work alongside others on a project. If you are looking for a free way to create Word docs online, consider using Zoho Writer for free.

Google Docs

Another popular word document online, Google docs offers collaborative and real time word processing. Since so many developers are working on collaborative projects, the platform can be used to create, upload and share online documents quickly. Additionally, you might already have a google account or gmail address that will make your document management even easier. Google docs integrates directly with your accounts for quick access and sharing. Surely, this online document platform is one of the most popular because of Google’s existing user base.

Less Common Alternatives

Nowadays, everyone is using Google Docs and lots of businesses make use of Zoho online. However, there are still two other options that you may want to give a try. ThinkFree and Etherpad are two more word document online alternatives that allow you to write, save and share documents all from your web browser. ThinkFree is excellent because they also provide a feature for free storage of your documents, so if a lack of memory or sending large files is your concern, this document solution is an excellent option to consider. Etherpad is an open source solution that does not require email registration to access the program. For those of you that are sick of giving your email address to every program you use, consider Etherpad for your online document creation needs.

Once you have successfully created your documents online, you can convert them from doc format to PDF. Or, if you need to get feedback, you can create forms easily online. Then, you can share these prepared documents with the best encrypted email. Or, store them with free accounts. Today, online document software is cheaper than ever. In fact, it is free for most people. As businesses and corporations start to use software, we might see them move over to more open source or free solutions.

Do you use a free online document software? Please let us know in the comments below. Your input is much appreciated.

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