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Awesome Geek Gadgets To Put On Your Tech Gift Wish List


2017 has been a year full of innovation discovery and, most importantly, Star Wars. Websites like ThinkGeek and TheGadgetFlow have been churning out new and exciting geek gadgets all year. However, among the BB8 phone chargers and World of Warcraft phone docks, there are some devices that are actually super useful to add to your all in one PC! Below are our top picks for the most useful geek gadgets of 2017.

Solar Powered Phone Charger

When it comes to innovation, other than the Russell Simmons yoga app, nothing says it better than a solar powered phone charger. Solar phone chargers are the geek gadget of the future. Simply pop the suction cup lined charger onto a window and let it soak up the sun. Your phone will get charged with green energy, so you can feel better about how much electricity you used playing video games last night! Even better, the solar phone charger can be used on the go so know you can play Pokemon Go for hours on end.

Smart Remote

The Seven Hugs Remote is the latest smart home technology to make waves among the masses online. The device is the first smart remote made, meaning it learns your habits to improve itself and make itself more user-friendly over time. The smart remote control allows you to control everything in your home all with one gadget. The screen on the device will adapt to display controls specific to whatever you point it at. In fact, you can even use it to call Lyft vs Uber. If you want to control lights, TV and other media, speakers, thermostats, cameras, blinds, fans, locks, sockets smart hubs and more with one single smart control, consider pre-ordering the Seven Hugs Smart Remote for just 4229 now.

USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

Okay, so this one may not be quite as useful as the mover kit is for kids; but it is definitely still one of the coolest geek gadgets you will find. If you frequently video chat with friends, the USB Webcam Rocket launcher allows you to add an extra element of fun and amusement to your conversations. The digital toy lets you take control of one another’s rocket launches to launch a surprise attack on your unsuspecting victims. If you want to buy a cool tech toy that is not all that useful, but is definitely a ton of fun, this is the one to buy.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Every geek needs some brain food in the morning. A dual breakfast sandwich maker is the perfect way to get a nutritious meal without all of the hassle. Cook up eggs, vegetables and cheese in the little frying pan sections, and toast your english muffins at the same time! The best part is, you can make two at once in case you are in need of a little extra brain food on any particular morning. Just be sure to wear your fitbit while you are cooking, to track those extra steps.

Medicine Tracker

The PillDrill Smart Medicine tracker is one way that geek gadgets are helping to improve lives everywhere that is not just a mobile VoIP app. This little hub can help people keep track of their daily medicine intake so that they never miss a dose. With an easy to read screen on a compact hub, the medicine tracker can scan what pre-portioned medicine you took. Additionally, this device allows you to track how different medicines may be affecting your mood day-to-day. This super useful geek gadget will help you to focus on your health.

Pet Finder GPS

To keep track of man’s best friend, you are going to need this useful nerdy invention. PawScout is a GPS tracking system for your pets. Designed for both cats and dogs, PawScout attaches to your pet’s collar and connects to an app on your phone so that you can check up on your furry friends throughout the day or when you are out with your friends watching Gamecast NCAA. The PawScout tag is waterproof and reflective, allowing you to find your pet no matter the conditions.

Pocket Printer

A pocket printer is truly an innovative geek gadget. No matter where you are, you can print your HDR images easily. Instead of clunky desktop printers, a portable pocket printer is compact and effective for your everyday printing needs. By moving across a flat sheet of paper to do the printing, the ZutaLabs Pocket Printer can do all of the same work of a regular printer with a fraction of the space. You can also connect this device with any phone or laptop through wi-fi.

Triple Display Laptop

The Triple Display Laptop from Razer Project Valerie is the absolute best geek gadget we have ever seen. This will be the world’s first triple display laptop for the best immersive gaming experience ever. Each of the three displays offer 4K quality on high resolution 17.3 inch screens. You can now carry a 12K immersive viewing experience right in your backpack. We certainly cannot wait for these ultimate gadgets for geeks to be released. This may even be better than the worlds thinnest laptop.

Geek gadgets come in many forms. From silly novelty items to genuinely useful inventions, they are always ready to amaze. For a truly useful geek gadget, consider buying one of these top picks above!

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