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Music Production Apps To Create Professional Quality Tracks Affordably

nanostudio-appIf you do a search for music production apps in the app store, you’ll find over 30 different options to make music on your phone. Why would anybody want to make music on the phone? Well, for those of us or not T-Pain and have a Digital recording studio in our basement, music making apps are great for aspiring artists on the go.

When you’re finally put together that last Harmony or Melody, you don’t want to wait till you get home to recording into your MacBook. You probably just want to get it stored right away so that you can continue doing what you have to do at the moment. Ideally, it’s recorded right to your phone and perhaps, uploaded to your Dropbox. With paid music apps ranging from $1 to $30, you have the power to record music anywhere.

Mobile Music Production

Whether you’re a serious music producer, or writing a song with a bunch of friends, the simplicity of producing music on your mobile device allows for instant creation or recording. Devices impact relationships, yes; but they also impact music production costs and availability. Options range from simple loop making and piano playing to synthesizers and rap beats. Whatever is your style, you can find it on the app store.

Top Music Production Apps

Some of the favorites are listed below:

  • NanoStudio
  • StudioTrack
  • Poweramp Music Player
  • FL Studio HD
  • AutoRap
  • Beatmaker App
  • TC-11
  • iDensity

No doubt, Recording music and actual recording studio is high-quality and more productive. Maybe it is because you are paying to be there. However, writing music on your phone is here to stay for those who are not readily able to record in the recording studio, just like free SmartFTP alternatives are available for those who cannot afford the original. And, it might be good practice for those days when you just can’t be at the computer. Have you used a music production app? If so, which ones your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Home Studio Equipment

If you want to get a bit more serious in your music production hobby, you should consider setting up a home studio. It does not have to be a state of the art recording facility. Anything is better than recording audio on an iPhone. You just need to buy an audio interface for about $150, like the native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 or similar. You will also need to buy a microphone if you do not have one, and studio monitors, which are really just high quality speakers. Next, a MIDI Keyboard or Controller will allow you to add virtual instruments to your tracks for under $100 if you buy the M-Audio Oxygen 49. Finally, buy Digital Audio Workstation software, or DAW software, to be able to actually produce music tracks once you are done recording. Creating a home studio is as simple as buying a couple things and should not require more than $1,000 altogether.

For More Advanced Producers…

If producing music apps through your phone has made you excited and passionate about the field, you probably want to learn even more. If you feel that you identify with this and want to try taking on music production as a career, first you have to know how to become a music producer. The first step you will want to take is to sign up for some music production classes. No matter where you live, you are sure to find at least one available at a college or music school near you. If you really want the best education in music production, consider Berklee online. They offer an online production program that will teach you everything you need to know. If you really want to make this music producer dream a reality, take some classes. That is the first step to becoming a successful music producer. Just reset Fitbit beforehand, so you can keep track of all the hustling you do to make your dreams a reality.

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