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Music YouTube App Review For Offline Playlist Customization Features


YouTube has always been a place to discover new music, in addition to offering plenty of videos about the Airwheel and other cool technology. Their Vevo channels, which specifically work with artists from a variety of labels and entertainment groups, have been a popular way for music lovers to keep up with their favorite artists. However, YouTube has taken it to the next level by introducing two apps: YouTube Music and YouTube Red. These separate, but equally exciting apps, present users with new ways to enjoy their favorite music YouTube channels. To learn more about what each app does and how it can change your music experience on YouTube, keep reading below.

What Is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is an app created by YouTube to present ad-free, exclusive content to paying subscribers. The service was originally introduced as YouTube Music Key, a service that allows you to listen to music and stream videos without ads. However, in 2015 it began to expand into what we now know today as YouTube Red. The primary draw of this subscription service is not just from the free ads, but also the original content that is not available to regular YouTube viewers.

What Is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is a branch of YouTube Red that stems from the original YouTube Music Key idea. It follows the model of an ad-free app for users who want access to music on YouTube specifically. This app for tablets and cell phones also requires a subscription if you want to listen to music ad-free. This is primarily made for people who already enjoy YouTube as a music service already, but want to make their listening experience a little bit easier.

YouTube Music For iPhone

Unfortunately, the latest version of YouTube Music available in the iTunes app store has not received great reviews. User complaints cite frequent app crashes and an overall interface that is difficult to navigate as reasoning for negative reviews. In addition, many YouTube Music app users complain about the amount and frequency of in-app ads and offline song availability. If you want a customizable offline song catalogue that is easy to use, you may not want to get the YouTube Music app for iPhone until another update comes along and resolves these issues.

How Are They Different?

Because YouTube Music is a “branch” of YouTube Red, it is essentially one part of the whole. YouTube Music is available as a separate app for those who want to focus specifically on the musical aspect of their favorite video streaming site. You can access in from any Yesware Chrome application. If you subscribe to this service, you will get all of the same benefits as YouTube Red, but only for the specific music segment of the app.

What Are The Benefits?

In addition to ad-free watching, YouTube Red offers exclusive content for subscribers. There, you can watch original shows, view exclusive videos and offline viewing of content. Because YouTube Music is a segment of YouTube Red, the latter app also features a variety of benefits specific to songs. For example, with these apps you can stream videos in the background so that you can use other apps on your phone while listening to music.

Which Should I Choose?

Both apps will cost you money for these benefits. You could purchase a YouTube Music subscription in order to focus on your favorite songs, bands and playlists. However, by paying a little more for the YouTube Red subscription, you could get all of the same benefits of YouTube Music along with other creative content outside of the music industry. Think carefully about which service you could see yourself using the most with your best headphones under 100 before you make your decision.

YouTube Music For Free

If you do not mind listening to some ads here and there, you can also just use your traditional YouTube app to listen to all the latest hits after learning to unbrick iPhone. Any YouTube user can visit the app, or the YouTube website, and type the term “music” into the search bar. YouTube’s auto generation services created a YouTube Music account that offers the most popular music videos as well as a new music this week section. You can subscribe to the account to receive updates whenever a new music video is released. This is an excellent alternative for music on YouTube if you are not willing to pay.

If you have always been a music YouTube listener, then you may be excited to hear about these new app launches to make use of your new Skullcandy headphones. With YouTube Red and YouTube Music you can discover music from your phone easier than ever before. However, if you want to reap all of the benefits you will have to pay for the YouTube Red app. Consider the information listed above before you decide if listening to music on YouTube is worth the money.

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