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5 Must Have Child Phone Monitoring App Features To Protect Your Kids

Parents today use phone monitoring apps to keep track of their child’s digital usage. Cell phones serve as great communication and educational resources for children. However, they also pose a threat. Inapproapriate content is readily available through apps and on the internet. You should certainly talk to your children about responsible online behavior. But, it is impossible for you to keep track of their phone use when they are not around, and spy apps may be a bit overkill for children. Child phone monitoring apps help parents like you protect your children from any online threats stemming from cell phone use. Find out the critical features of child phone monitoring apps that you should be sure your chosen solution includes to keep your children safe.

Location Tracking

Child phone monitoring apps should provide parents tools with location tracking services. These geolocation features enable you to follow your child’s location and movements in real time. You can also use these tracking features to set up geographical fencing for your child. Phone monitoring apps then alert your phone if your child exits the designated area. This feature is ideal for keeping children safe while they play outside. Child phone monitoring apps can help you track your child’s location to keep them safe.

Social Media Monitoring

The best child safety apps should also have social media monitoring features. That way, you can use these apps to monitor your child’s social media activity. Look for social media activity trackers that are compatible with all the top social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Music YouTube. You can even set alerts to find out when your child has new tags, check-ins or photos. Or, you can use social media monitoring tools to create restricted words lists. If you plan to use phone monitoring apps, find solutions that allow you to keep track of your child’s social media usage.

Screen Time Limits

Phone monitoring apps should also let parents set screen time limits for their children. That way, you can enjoy more quality family time together. It will also help your child better focus on schoolwork or sleep. Look for kids phone monitoring apps that include different screen limiting categories. For example, “Dinner Mode” pauses all activity for up to two hours. “Take A Break” mode lets parents pause activity for up to 24 hours. “Bed Time” lets parents pause usage for any given start and end time. The top child phone monitoring apps will provide tools that allow you to set limits for your child’s screen time.

Block Inappropriate Content

Choose a child phone monitoring app that lets you block inappropriate internet content. These blocking tools let you control all of your child’s filters and monitoring settings from your own phone. You can use content filtering tools to block adult content, violence or online gaming. When your child tries to search for filtered content, the app sends them a message to deny them access. Then, the app sends a similar message to you to let you know what your child is searching for. Use child phone monitoring apps with tools to block inappropriate content on your child’s phone. This will help keep them safe online and on-the-go.


Lastly, choose apps with childproofing services. In this digital age, parents like you often entertain young children with your phone. Parental control apps make your smartphone childproof for those moments. Using these apps, you can lock the home, back, search and call buttons. That way, your child does not move out of their designated digital play area. You can customize your home screen to authorize a single app for your child’s use. Or, you can block incoming calls or disable wireless while your child is playing. Child phone monitoring apps childproof your phone so your children can use it for play. Make sure you look for these childproofing tools when considering which app to download.

Child phone monitoring apps have many capabilities to keep children safe. You want to make sure your chosen app includes all the best tools to ward off danger. Look for child monitoring apps with geo-location services that help you track your child’s movement and social media plug-ins to monitor the content of their social media. Make sure the app has screen time limits to lock and unlock your child ‘s device remotely. Finally, look for filtering functions and childproofing tools to allow your children to be entertained safely. As long as your monitoring app includes these features, your kids are sure to stay safe online while they use their homeschool app for learning.

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