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New Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology Improves Bitcoin Issues

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to make a huge splash in all areas of the globe. But, it certainly will not be the last. New cryptocurrencies are popping up quicker than digital art pieces. Are any of these new cryptocurrencies actually something to pay any attention to? Find out all about the new cryptocurrency types to watch out for below.


Giracoin is a brand new cryptocurrency in development as you read this. Giracoin is the Swiss cryptocurrency that touts its differences from other, more well-known cryptocurrencies. The developers are seeking to combine the latest block chain technology with a new and innovative mining process. If you want to get in on the very bottom floor of a the newest cryptocurrencies, Giracoin is one to consider.


Ether is the cryptocurrency used in the Ethereum network. This coin makes it possible for Ethereum, a distributed application platform, to operate. If you want to develop using the Ethereum blockchain, you will need Ether to do so. Or, if you just want to use smart contracts on the blockchain, you will also need Ether. This is a new cryptocurrency that has been around a bit longer than the others, as well. That may make it a viable option for those interested.


Ubiq is a new cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum block chain. Ethereum is a bit too risky for enterprise solutions. That is where Ubiq comes in to make improvements. Ubiq is a much more stable. In fact Ubiq developers obtained their coin the same way all other Ubiq investors did. That means that your personal investment is equivalent to that of the currency’s developers in terms of monetary worth. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency that offers a bit more stability and less cybercrime, Ubiq is one such option.


Kala is another one of the new cryptocurrencies that promises inherent value. The new ERC20 utility token also seeks to offer investors more accessibility. It also provides easier adoption for larger applications. Kala mining does not utilize the traditional Proof of Work or Proof of Stake methods. Instead, it involves Proof of Effort to simplify the way that people earn tokens. You can just take surveys, download apps or test products to earn yourself points you can transfer into Kala. If you want a simple, easy-to-understand cryptocurrency to invest in, consider Kala.


Zcash is the newest cryptocurrency to come about from the Zerocoin project. This new type of cryptocurrency hopes to improve anonymity for previous Bitcoin users. Unlike other types of cryptocurrency, Zcash includes an optional “selective disclosure” feature. This allows users to prove payments for the purposes of audits and similar. This allows private users to comply with government regulations if they should choose to do so. If you are someone who likes to play by the rules, including Facebook rules, Zcash may be a wise cryptocurrency investment.

New cryptocurrencies seem to be popping up every other day. This makes cryptocurrency investors a bit nervous; perhaps rightfully so. However, there are many new cryptocurrency options that offer a more secure alternative. Consider the 5 new cryptocurrencies mentioned above. These types of cryptocurrency improve upon the problems with Bitcoin and may be an enticing option for techies like you. Use this post to help you decide which is the best place to put your money.

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