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iPhone Champagne Color Is Out, And New Red iPhone 7 Takes Its Place

Latergram: the gold iPhone is very subtle in practice. Nice break from the norm.

Most of us take our iPhones for granted, especially the color and the number keypad. There may be a selective group of people that actually care what color their iPhone is. Men will probably choose any color that is not pink and women will probably choose a color that is bright or exotic. So, which of these do you think the champagne color falls under?

New iPhone Colors

The new iPhone 5S will be coming out in a champagne color, which is actually a color the resembles the color of gold. You may think this is a strange sounding color, but surely enough it gets its name from the alcoholic beverage known as champagne. Regardless of the new color, just be thankful you do not have to use unbrick iPhone tricks for your new device.

Red iPhone?

Recently, rumors have started cropping up about another new iPhone color being made available on the next model. The iPhone 7 is rumored to be available in a new shade of red. No, it is not only available on rooted phones. The new red iPhone 7 is being launched in partnership with the AIDS fundraising charity known as (RED). (RED) has partnered with many other famous companies before to offer red versions of popular product to help raise money to find a cure for AIDS. This red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus released on March 24th. If you want it, make sure to get your hands on it as soon as possible.

Color Significance

The significance of giving iPhones a champagne color has to do with the popularity of a gold colored products in the foreign markets. In America, we don’t really care too much about what color our iPhones are. We can just buy case covers for our iPhones if we want to change their color and chances are we won’t be satisfied with the same color for very long. But in the Chinese and Indian markets, their consumers are attracted more to iPhones that are actually gold looking themselves. That is their favorite color and consumers will always choose the gold colored products first. Reports have shown that these consumers have altered their previous iPhones in the past with gold or champagne case covers, in addition to purchasing an external ssd drive for their devices. So, to actually have an iPhone that is a gold color will be hugely popular in these areas of the world.

Other New iPhone Features

This will also be the first Apple iPhone to have a fingerprint sensor, which is a new form of security for a consumer’s iPhone. Instead of having to type in a password to enter the homes screen, you will just have to give it your fingerprint and it will recognize you as the owner. It also works for buying apps in the App Store. This definitely helps speed up the process of checking your notifications or buying the latest Bumtop app, and who would not want that?

Champagne Name Change

If you have gotten a new phone since the days of the iPhone 5s, you may have been disappointed to learn that the champagne color iPhone is no longer available. However, that is not really the case. Apple decided to change the name of the color, but not the color itself. The iPhone 5s, and later the iPhone 7, are not available in champagne, but they are available in gold. The new gold iPhone will look exactly the same color as the old champagne iPhone, because it is the same! No need to go looking for old budget phones just to have the champagne color. If you were upset about Apple doing away with the champagne color option, just grab the gold iPhone. After all, it is the exact same color with a different name on it.

Why The Name Change?

If the champagne colored iPhone was so popular, why did the brand do away with it? Simply put – because they had to. Thankfully, this is not the case with Apple Watch sales. Apple was unable to continue using the iPhone champagne color name because the word champagne is a protected entity. It is only allowed to be used to describe wines made within the Champagne region in France. Even Apple is not immune to trademark infringement.

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