Monday , 17 June 2024

Futuristic New Technology Developments That Will Revolutionize Humanity


There is new technology coming in the year that will blow your mind. You are probably thinking this technology has something to do with a future Apple product, like the iPhone 8. That product will likely be seen in years to come, but there is much more interesting technology to focus on that most people will not hear about. If you wear geek t-shirts with pride and love to find out all about the newest developments in technology, keep reading below.

The SmartHand

One futuristic innovation soon to be realistic in Italy is the Robo prosthetic hand, also nicknamed “SmartHand.” This will be a lifelike robotic hand that will act as a prosthetic hand for somebody who has lost their real hand in an accident. It has pressure sensors and about 80% of the function of a normal hand. We may be seeing the early stages of real life “RoboCop” technology being produced by our first real life robot factory.

Face Payment

Face detecting systems have now become reality in China. These facial recognition programs are now being used to authorize payments, gain access to facilities and find criminals. Paying with your face is a new technology innovation that may just take off. If you sell ICANN domain names, this is something to consider. However, it still remains to be seen whether other countries will follow China’s lead and use this new technology. Facial recognition systems for payment and security applications is definitely one technology development you will want to follow.

Smart Home Tech

In the coming year, the Internet of Things is set for further expansion with the rise of new smart home technology. Experts expect that this year, tech industry giants like Google, Apple and Amazon will be getting in on the action. This will help to bring more cohesiveness to the internet of things, making these smart home gadgets, like accutype keyboards, much more user friendly and accessible. While there have been many smart devices for the home available in recent years, there has not been any collaboration efforts between the manufacturers. That has made smart home devices much less desirable for consumers. This year, that should no longer be a problem.

Mercedes Benz

Another great piece of technology has to do with automobiles, particularly the Mercedes Benz. While it was being tested in the factory, auto engineers were able to make the very first autonomous driving vehicle. This means the car can drive itself without the human driver needing to put their hands on the steering wheel. This is much more exciting than the dateadd feature on Microsoft Access. You may be wondering, “How does it avoid hitting objects or know when to brake?” Well, the car is built with a radar system that detects when an object is in front of it. When that happens, it will automatically put on its brakes, and the car will stop. The only problem here is that there is a chance the radar system could miss detecting what is in front of the car, like a person walking or cycling. Therefore, the new Mercedes will not be released with this autonomous technology just yet. Instead, they will release a steering assistance system called “Distronic Plus.” This will have some of the autonomous driving features, which means it slows down if it is close to the white markings on the road or comes to close to the car in front of it on the highway. This sensory technology in cars will soon bring many more driving innovations in the future and may even have an impact on freight solutions.

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